$CENX looks like its rebounding along a line of support this month, and Aluminum prices are doing great. Thinking about going long on this. Any thoughts?

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Flockstock Jan 28, 17 11:06 AM

Day is not wasted if you study and don't trade .. Not about money at first .. It's a journey not a guided tour .. Patience and persistence gives you power .. Focus on 4 letter tickers that are volatile ..don't focus on the wrong stuff ... Dont feel pressure to profit it is a slippery slope if you do

ZachR Jul 25, 17 11:13 AM

Thanks Tim.. The challenge chat is still the all star chat room!!

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[TimAlerts] Here is what I said about $CENX in my watch list: Trump tweets about China dumping aluminum sent the aluminum stocks higher today. CENX broke through its descending tops line and traded up close to resistance and closing $.02 below its day high at $10.36. If there is follow through tomorrow, the stock has to trade through $10.70 with a price target of $12.00 and then $15.00. Shorts 6.65 days to cover.

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