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William_Straya Jun 03, 8:56 AM

any specific things like maybe a break below HOD after the breakout that would make you think the move was over? my biggest difficulty is letting the chart play out, I was in this at 6.95 but I only held to 7.49. What signals do you look for that indicate the moves over.

dmatin Jun 03, 11:19 AM

Awesome Thanks!

LegalPimp Jun 09, 4:01 AM

WOW!! that was a badass trade! AXON just did the exact same thing this past thursday morning n crap and held the 5.30s and squeezed through hod. thanks for sharing

popsmoto Jun 10, 10:10 AM

thanks for the video.

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tim, does STT have broker integration? I have TD Ameritrade and I am pretty happy with it, even if it takes more work to get ready for the trading day. Thanks ahead of time. btw been listening to your steady trade podcast, good stuff!

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Roland, hi just starting my journey here on profitly. I'm two weeks in. Whats your thoughts on Stockstotrade? I've read all there is out there, just wanted to know if they have broker integration ( I used TD Ameritrade). I just don't want to make things more complicated by using too many systems. I don't short sell as of yet..... Waiting to learn more before I do that.... I've been trading real money and just had my first "good trade" where I've analyzed the chart/news/ect.... I've made more, but finally getting a grasp on what it takes to be profitable long term.

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Reminder, there is a female Wolf of Wall Street, learn about her

popsmoto May 10, 12:46 PM

Tim, can you give me a rundown of the trading challenge? / Very interested. Specifically pricing, duration of subscription. Just read Jamil's book, just starting week two, but definitely need to increase winning percentage.

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puffdaddy Dec 11, 17 12:40 PM

thinkorswim has a pretty good paper trading platform

Lorenzo85 Dec 11, 17 12:45 PM

what about pre-market scanners? any recommendations?

technoyogi Dec 11, 17 1:00 PM

I like trade ideas. It's $100/month, but once again. It's comfortable for me. I'm all about using what I am used to.

popsmoto Jun 09, 1:06 PM

@aprilove STT does have paper trading. I signed up for the annual. saved a few hundred dollars. Huge difference in spotting moving stocks and patterns you want to play. Im up 8K paper trading after a few losses with real money, I went back to the drawing board.

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