Total Profits:
-$195 Loss
VRAYShort Stock

I started to scale in for a short. with 300 shares. The stock kept running up so I figured let me get out and take a small hit rather than going along for the ride and get back in at a better price. I did end up re-shorting a starter of 100 shares at $6.05.


$250 Profit
NIOShort Option

This was a vertical spread. I sold the $40 put for $1.66 and bought the $30 put for $0.16 cents where I sold the spread ( short ) for $1.50 and then bought it to close for $0.25 cents. I could have rode it further all the way till expiration but anytime I am at 75% profitable in any spread I close the position for the risk outweighs the reward at that point.


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