[TimChallenge] bought small starter position SHOP at 33 great earnings winner with $3/share upside and maybe 50 cents downside


[TimChallenge] morning guys - SHOP great earnings report definite potential long this morning


[TimChallenge] Sold 1/2 of my SHOP position at $32.11. Bot at $30.59. Will hold balance through to just before earnings Nov 4.


[TimAlerts] Did anyone see that SHOP went up 5.00+ today?? CRAZY!! Way too high for me to get in to, but it teamed up with Amazon, got a spot on Facebook, what a huge jump for them! Congrats to anyone if they bought shares in SHOP


[TimAlerts] SHOP Shares of Shopify (SHOP) rose sharply Thursday morning after the company said it was selected by Amazon (AMZN) to help Amazon Webstore merchants create their own online stores before Amazon shuts down its Webstore service.

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