starting to see it !!! saw the morning panic on Ford. when I logged into sst It was at the bottom and turning. I could see confirmation it was turning. Thought to myself it will come back to yesterdays l.o.d. then run sideways, and continue It slow breakdown back to it typical price range of $10-$13. No trad placed, just started Tim challenge not approved for trading yet just wanted to share monkeys can be tough!!!

leprechaun Aug 01, 23 1:37 PM

paper traded Ford entry bought 10 shares @ 13.29 was looking for a dip buy off of morning spike. got in to early, no real dip, sideways price action. did not move the way i wanted it to got out at 13.30. 10 cent trade better than a poke in the eye.

leprechaun Aug 01, 23 1:46 PM

paper traded TUP Tim alerted on twitter there was a short squeeze I checked I out. bought 50 shares around resistance. $5.06. good breakout. traded scared took the meet and got out at $5.66 . 60 cents on 50 shares is $30 Paper trade

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[TimAlerts] trying to learn $F sideways then broke out saw before the breakout no money just trying to anticipate the pattern to be long ....thks


[TimAlerts] $F hit 61.8% and its dropping like clockwork!!! Thanks for the motivation to short Tim!!!

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