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Lear Feb 27, 7:38 PM

Good stuff

Kriminator Feb 27, 11:16 PM

Thanks Mark, I appreciate the trade review. I am, however curious about your thought process on TSLA. I was watching it premarket and could have bought at 800 and watch it go to 900 that day. I never shorted because I thought it could goto $1000 dollars, just for crazy! Because none of us really know, I just would love to hear more about your thought process.

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us1tahoe Feb 15, 12:01 PM

Unfortunately I was testifying in an arbitration case and did not see the alert on time... However, we know there will be mor.e....

seth03 Feb 18, 1:47 AM

Thank you for the lessons Tim! been watching all the videos in your contents as much as i can while im working on graduating this April, i want to learn more and accept your challenge when i finish!

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Seaside66 Feb 20, 8:01 PM

If the chart looks right, I'm going in brave,.. but gutless. :)

2grasleys Feb 21, 11:55 AM

I like to think that I am gutsy, but I'm gutless right now. Thanks Tim!!

tayhaoxia Feb 27, 2:09 AM

i want to be a gutless trader till i have enough spread sheets and trades under my belt with enough tracking to become a gutsy trader

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I closed the $TSLA position for a nice profit. The $SCHW position is already extremely profitable. It might be worthwhile to close the position and wait for better price action into earnings but if I hold through earnings could be a 4 figure profit or lose all the gains. Hmm

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suhwateeze May 02, 19 7:42 PM

Really enjoyed this. Gotta always consider the possibilities to the downside

GreenHornetKush May 11, 19 11:01 AM

M Goode, you need to smoke to relax a bit! Your a bit jittery :D

zaraza Jul 07, 19 12:36 PM

Thankx Michael

redwagonrider Nov 23, 19 10:28 PM

Based on the data do you to find stocks that you trade that you have a personal vendetta with to be a successful strategy overall?

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