Learning these past months taught me how to be a scared trader. the losses that I took at the beginning really got to me and I know it shouldn't have because I wasn't following any rules whatsoever and thought too much about the money. after months of learning I helped my dad with a few trades on IDEX, $TSLA, $AAPL and he made roughly 40K. it's not my money because I am still sort of too scarred to trade but with the knowledge I gained and paper trading and reflecting and watching the market every day I am beginning to become more confident and I am sure I will bounce back 100X better. I am confident in my ability to read resistance and supports and I know that with all the knowledge from @timothysykes DVD's and video lessons I know that I still can't be sure 100% of the time but if I'm right more times than wrong I will recover my loss and begin to make profit. Looking back at my IDEX trade "if I held I would've made 147k" but I would've learned the wrong lessons and it would have never have motivated me to start learning, even though my account is now at 20K from 35K (which was heartbreaking to me for real no girl ever made me question myself as much as this loss) I WILL FUCKING BOUNCE BACK #SMALLGAINSADDUP #CUTLOSSESQUICKLY

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So my last 3 trades were losses and all around the $200 mark. None of them were really bad trades though. First was $TSLA and I was just a day early on it, next was $JKS puts and I was only a few hours early there, and finally $NIO calls. This one just didn't work, I probably caught it right in the middle of consolidation but either way was not timed right. The only thing I would change about any of these trades would maybe be the position sizes and scale them back a bit, but I think they were all pretty solid set ups that just didn't work. None of them stopped me out but they just weren't working. Going to get studied up and ready for next week and hope y'all do the same. Stay safe everybody

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