DecensteveMar 30, 15 3:09 PM

Great Tim , You nailed this between the eyes.great Job!show us more of this stuff

CheekyChopsMar 30, 15 3:51 PM

Wow impressive on calling this!

WakkoMar 30, 15 4:36 PM

Awesome video and lesson, thanks Tim! I bought it a few minutes before getting the alert, your strategy is getting into my head naturally. Thanks for your lessons and mentorship!

ViorelPop91Mar 30, 15 4:40 PM

Tim, can I ask you @ what price did you got on board Long Term?

littlemoneyMar 30, 15 4:55 PM

Tim, Thank you for another valuable lesson. You continue to amaze me by how hard you work and how "DEDICATED"you are to teaching.Your student's success is contingent upon your excellent ability to communicate your thoughts in order to allow for a solid grasp of the strategic trading concept involved.I thank you for your mentor ship.

DONREBELMar 30, 15 4:57 PM

TIM u r the hardest workin man in stock business! always great insight and validation for why u choose certain stocks. thanx TIM

PalmerMar 30, 15 7:21 PM

Lots of movement in the June15 option contracts in $REFR

elhulk89Mar 30, 15 7:48 PM

That is awesome Tim how you were able to nail that just by Lincoln saying they gonna use smart glass on a concept car. I hate myself for not holding I bought at 6.11 and sold at 6.04 for a loss ,I got scared,reason is I yet don't have level 2 beginning of april is when I will have level 2. Question I got Tim is will it spike again another, or will it be a short?

nfvalencia69Mar 30, 15 11:54 PM

Interesting! Thanks for explaining every single detail.

c4riverApr 09, 15 10:14 PM

profiting from the news and other indicators.

Chicago777Dec 01, 15 2:51 PM

The importance of knowing the possibility of catalyst that can have a move in this example the anticipated news was the announcement that they would have the dim-able glass in the new lincoln and or mercedez vehicles Tim put the dots together based on concept car and articles, Tim explains that good odds they have some sort of P.R during the auto show or similar.

HIMMENYMar 18, 17 3:05 PM

excited to see what happens with this, will keep watching video lessons :) its okay to be wrong sometimes, just cut losses and keep trying so youre in the game for the big win

mbsdadDec 18, 17 9:07 PM

watched and learning.

ZachRFeb 14, 18 4:00 PM

Thank you Tim

tyree7Apr 04, 18 8:31 PM


thomasfronteraJul 16, 18 2:52 PM

Lessons 2685 & 2686: $ REFR in future Lincolns ,from 3/30/15, thanks Tim.

thomasfronteraAug 29, 18 12:54 AM

Buy the rumour sell the news, great lesson on $REFR and Lincoln, thanks Tim!

axlkDec 10, 18 5:49 AM

Thanks Tim

CrazyWillowsJun 21, 19 2:10 AM

Thanks Tim. Better odds when the indicators are in your favour. Buy the rumour sell the news..

HenryCraigJul 19, 20 1:00 AM

Knowledge supports growth.

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