$436 profit GSUM Short Stock

Entry comments: I took small short on this stock with really bad news but is bouncing nicely nearly $2/share now off its lows, looking for 30-50 cent/share retrace, small position though, risky

Exit comments: Got the crack I wanted on a scary stock although not as much as ideal, small gain of a few hundred bucks, aim small, miss small, been a while since I shorted too ha, kinda miss it now, thank you Interactive Brokers for the shares to short here

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tbh he probably does not care, your loss. he probably had a reason for gagging you. broken rule?

corish Apr 23, 8:35 PM

Also would've been a good dip buy mid-day? All the shorts covering.

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$153 profit CANN Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner on its http://tim.ly/sykesmorning morning panic pattern, not as big of a dip as I would like so my goal is just to sell it in the low 4s

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, not a big enough drop to have a big enough bounce, FUSZ panicking now, maybe that one can give us enough of a drop to be more worth my time, taking small gains here

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AngeliqueSTL Apr 24, 2:01 AM

Studying before work and in the evenings.

CrazyWillows Apr 24, 2:11 AM

For some reason this video opened my eyes to the fact that I was having a bit of FOMO with the markets and getting to my studies very late every night, so thanks Tim your lessons no matter what they are, are helping me learn in a huge way, looking forward to becoming a challenge student one of these days!!!

Jo897B Apr 24, 2:57 AM

Studying on the weekends, & studying nights!!

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ZachR Apr 23, 12:21 AM

Thanks Mark for drilling home the point of knowing What your playing and sticking with predictable setups

kenz4 Apr 23, 2:34 AM

Thanx Mark good lesson on no good plays

MThoms Apr 23, 11:22 AM

Noting to focus on volatile plays, all time lows are not attractive charts, stocks with sudden huge moves typically are because of short squeezes, stocks can't run with bag holders, 1st red day not good for overnights, stick with predictable setups, sit on hands when there's no good plays

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ffricash Apr 22, 12:02 AM

good one, thank you for the short sleep. i was happy to be present for the live presentation

Talk_Of_NY Apr 22, 7:26 AM

Wow, Tim I needed this.. I’m a fucking ADDICT and its taking over my life. I need to control myself with this addiction. Thank you for this

KiwiDan Apr 23, 4:35 AM

Great Webinar Tim, your teaching style really drives me to keep going and working at it everyday. Cheers

MThoms Apr 23, 10:51 AM

Noting to take profits, if you study you will learn, bag holders can keep previous supernovas from spiking again, study study study, whats the news, pattern, time of day, play or no play, profits or losses are irrelevant in the beginning

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Slow trading the past 2 days, should give you more time to read the new http://tim.ly/jbook which you should be plowing through ASAP to be better prepared for next week!

Yemane Apr 20, 7:26 PM

I keep watching the videos. Should I open an account or wait until I attend the live seminar. Yesterday I registered in Tim's challenge. Can I open Interactive Brokers account? I am canadian.

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