[TimChallenge] Might not be trading for next few days and closing the month with $45K+ Blessed

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Overall market tanking and $VUZI still holding strong in the 4.30s, that's how solid of a pattern it is, wait for premarket videolesson tomorrow on it that you're going to want to watch!

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$889 profit VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner using the plan in my watchlist, no big panic just a little dip so perhaps it goes red to green and bottoms, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share, nothing huge, but good odds

Exit comments: Nice little pop there due to some minor news about their product now working with drones, good little pop on that, I'll take these profits even as I got a bit lucky here

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RMattner Jun 25, 1:30 PM

Tim I get your Message!!! I Just signed up Today Monday June 24, 2019 with Chris K for your Millionaire Mentor Program. Could not Sleep , got up to finish your Chanukah Gift #4 a Very reliable Dip Buying Pattern Dec 27, 2016, GOT IT, Study the Past, Review: PREPARE , Trader Checklist; Keep up the great Teaching Stay Well, and God Bless.

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