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Jackel84 Feb 25, 8:24 PM

Is there a tutorial for multi screen setups?

Willbee_Rich Feb 25, 8:38 PM

This Webinar is a JEWEL, full of amazing information and useful explanations. A must watch several times...Thank you Tim @kroyrunner for taking the time to share your vast knowledge. I am more confident that ever that with Tim Sykes @timothysykes and his Team of Gurus I will succeed...

ZachR Feb 25, 8:40 PM

Fantastic stuff Thanks Tim

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Miah Feb 25, 12:24 PM

Made a solid trade on MYSZ that day, reviewing what I did right and what I could have done better. I think I should've (key word) held some o/n to test that strategy out, still not comfortable enough try it being afraid of gap downs and wanting to take profits while they are there. Still a great trade and learning experience, always grateful of profits.

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$460 profit POTN Long Stock

Entry comments: Similar late day dip buy setup as AKER yesterday, 1st green day spike after solid base, but this has new revenue news and I've also underestimated POTN's spiking in the past so I'm taking this position with a goal of making 7-15% later today/tomorrow with more conservative goals than my typical 10-20% goals because of the overall choppy/tricky market environment...pretty cool how much AKER ran on day 2, not sure this has the juice for a big run, but should at least gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: Got a little gap up, but not as much as I wanted, MYSZ was better overnight play, so I'll be safe and take small profits, good lesson for me too

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SKYisDLimit Feb 23, 7:19 PM

paper traded it at .55, looked to sell at .58 but my pencil broke, when I get it working the was down to .54 never made it back. lost $50. plus commission. I have to focus on the lessons more.

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$1,026 profit AKER Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this solid first day runner that has a history of spiking for several days...big volume, but no news so it's speculative, but I like the multi-day pattern here, goal is just to make 7-15% today or tomorrow as it's not a hugely volatile stock

Exit comments: My goals have been hit and the overall market just started panicking so I'm not risking my nearly 10% gains here, be safe in this crazy market, take singles, not home runs...maybe this spikes more, but I'll lock it in safely just in case....potential re-buy for me on any big dip

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jbrodie Feb 21, 2:58 PM

Dip buy? I think I need to study more on what you mean by "dip buy"....thanks as always....I'll get there:)

plla20 Feb 21, 4:02 PM

Thank you for your help and teachings! I will get this!!!

yahalomi3 Feb 22, 6:50 AM

My first trade following Tim alerts $18 profit

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