($70) loss KNDI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this electric car marker that's spiking nicely on positive US news today, already hit the 8.30s, would love to sell back around there, be careful though it moves fast, dip buying is key here

Exit comments: No bounce, scary stock, cutting losses fast, rule #1, don't let small mistakes turn into potential big disasters

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DerekMelchin Feb 20, 9:47 AM

I watched the stock while you were in the trade and called your exited perfectly :)

Johnnorth Feb 20, 12:56 PM

As you said Cut Losses Quickly.

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$440 profit KHRNF Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this strong first green day play, nice multiday breakout OTC weed play, day high was in the 2.80s so I'd love to see it gap up/morning spike past that, ideally sell in the low 3s, but we'll see how it closes, I like buying on slight dip off the highs, lessens my risk in case any breakout fails

Exit comments: Zzzzzz premarket it was in the 3s, but by the time the market opened its basically just down a bit from yesterday so my intuition to sell into the failed big breakout yesterday was right, small overall gain on my remaining overnight position, be safe

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greybear1223 Feb 19, 4:32 PM

Will be watching this in the am to see what happens!

Johnnorth Feb 19, 7:16 PM

Nice to be safe. and still take profits.

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JessAaron25 Feb 20, 2:30 AM

Great videos Tim, enjoyed what you had to say and how passionate you are about stock trading

Azreal Feb 20, 4:09 AM

I laughed so hard at this interview, you did a great job encouraging them to tell you what they had on their minds that antagonized them so much. Being real is key.

gregorymauter Feb 20, 10:41 AM

You are the best I bet lots of those people are thinking differently today.

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