Now $JZZI back over .02 so even with the market getting crushed, my 2 plays including S$FOR today are both solidly higher from all my buys, that's a good sign that I'm on the right track and I locked in a safe $1400 already too!

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$468 profit JZZI Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this big runner into massive dip off the highs, I think it can still bounce, ideally to the .019s or .02s, cut losses if no bounce though, ugly overall market

Exit comments: Decent little bounce in an ugly overall. market, but we're heading into midday, volume is dropping and there seems to be a lot of sellers just under .02 so I'll lock it in and be safe, this hit my conservative goals and remember singles add up over time

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jnun2 Sep 16, 11:00 AM

I tried to dip buy it off of morning high’s, good trade to you!!

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