ITUS played great today.. Was in it last week but back to studying.. Can't get emotional over missed plays..

tyree7 Dec 14, 20 5:33 PM

I played this on Suretrader and didnt upload but It was about a 1k gain.. Last trade in 2017..

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CMaynard Jul 01, 10:58 PM

THis is pretty much where I am mentally right now. Hope I can grind as hard as you have and get profitable too.

ArtOfWar Jul 03, 9:00 AM

@CMaynard The reality of my early trading is that it got worse before it got better. The grind is real and will push you to and thru depths you did not think you would have to go or could do.

26R_COLE Aug 11, 1:52 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Ellis. Good prespective. The process leads to growth over time

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