$2,355 profit REFR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former multiday-runner on its multi-month breakout but off its highs at 3.14 as they're at an auto show now unveiling this new headlight technology https://tim.ly/2Vzny5K with one of their investors/partners, Gauzy and BMW...here's the PR from 2 days ago https://tim.ly/3jWOINg but Bloomberg & other sites just wrote about this as the auto show goes until the 12th. This new tech could help EV companies like Tesla so anymore press/PRs & this spikes more, goal is to sell in ...

Exit comments: No press release or news articles on their new headlight technology and more importantly, I actually tried adding premarket in the 2.70s before it bounced to 3 and Etrade tells me "opening orders for this security cannot be accepted at this time", I have no idea why, but that'll likely be an issue today as it might choppy again between its recent range $2.70-$3 so no thanks, I'm out and playing it safely, I'll review with a video lesson shortly too.

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Megara5774 Sep 13, 1:24 PM

Bought REFR at 2.8 on Friday then sold it early afternoon today. The price went down so I took a little lose. I lost $8.70.

BoBRed Sep 13, 3:11 PM

I know it's not day trading, but I took a look at the chart and previous news. I think it's only a matter of time (months, maybe even a year)before REFR spikes above 5.00. I like the tech. This isn't just a pump and dump penny stock.

burnettdj1 Sep 13, 9:58 PM

Took about $700. loss on my 2k shares of REFR

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I just rebought $REFR only for longterm account at 3.14, not a short term trade again, hence why only longterm newsletter people got it, sorry for the confusion, too much going on today uhhh

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WingedVictory Sep 10, 4:12 PM

I'm just seeing this message. I got in at 2.99 and am out now at 2.80. It's all a learning thing.

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-$4,970 loss REFR Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this former Supernova that's breaking out of a long term base today as their next generation windows increase range for EV cars and in their most recent earnings call they said they're included on the upcoming Fisker EV vehicle and FSR has been one of the hottest stocks around...I bought earlier today for the short-term in the 3.30s but lost a bit as it was over-extended, now much safer in the 3.10s, goal is to sell in the mid to high 3s, or 4s if they ever do an electric vehicle PR

Exit comments: Cutting this one that just keeps downtrending and cracking support, tried to be patient, but no dice, gave it more than enough time to do any electric vehicle PR but nada, now I have to cut my losses

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-$144 loss REFR Long Stock

Entry comments: This former Supernova is having a solid little breakout today as they're an autoparts maker with next generation glass/tinting that also allows EV cars 5% more range and given CAAS' big runup yesterday as a power steering auto parts maker for EV vehicles, this might just be a new trend. If they do a PR about their EV vehicle range improvements its a home run but that's a long shot, otherwise it'll likely just get discovered as EV plays are hot. Goal is to sell in the high 3s

Exit comments: Such a weird trading stock, broke out past day highs but then big sellers, no thanks, small loss, protecting my $20k+ profits today, will revisit near the close but not this midday choppiness

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MattZ Dec 02, 20 12:55 AM

thank you for the update mahalo

MattZ Dec 02, 20 12:59 AM

Would very much like to get in your trading .room.I would really like to take my trading level

MattZ Dec 02, 20 1:10 AM

to I new level a level with the winners. I have invested a lot of $$$ money already I just bought pattern pro iy was not a good purchase I want to get in the war room. I hope you get this aloha 4everKauai

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$595 profit REFR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former multi-day runner on a strong first green day with biggest volume in years, no news, but rumors galore of their technology with car companies like Tesla, solid multi-day uptrend too, breakout would be the 3.70s which is near day high today so thats my goal to sell into ideally tomorrow on gap up or morning spike

Exit comments: No press release or gap up, markets down big on negative China news, not gonna risk it, taking small profits, playing safe, potential rebuy later if it can breakout or if news with big volume

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mochalady Jul 29, 19 3:54 PM

I bought at $3.52.... hopefully it will spike tomorrow morning! Thanks Tim

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