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jwealth May 21, 15 8:14 PM

I for one held about half of my position in OHGI after it dipped, because in Feb it spiked right after a similar dip. However this time it dipped even lower and I had to start selling. Given this pattern, do you think this stock is manipulated? Is this more common with Chinese stocks? I could have made my money back but sold too early, at only $1.95. Grr. I find if a stock goes down after I buy it, I'm so happy when the stock recovers that I sell and miss out on the profit I was waiting for.

FrankGr May 21, 15 10:56 PM

Two things that one needs to be conscious of in this world are superstars and true believers. Both of these mental states are aberrations that, while sometimes briefly useful, need to be kept in check.

rogerthat May 22, 15 2:53 AM

We need more regular video lessons and updated watch lists. Like @BobbyRoc mentioned, the sub is not cheap and I'm here for learning not just alerts. @timothysykes is a great teacher and I'm fortunate to be his student. I post all my trades. Others should too. Let's all make bank!

ShortSqueeze Jun 17, 15 2:21 PM

Hello Timothy, Thank you for the hard work and willingness to pass on your knowledge to us.

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