-$144 Loss
REFRLong Stock

Entry comments: This former Supernova is having a solid little breakout today as they're an autoparts maker with next generation glass/tinting that also allows EV cars 5% more range and given CAAS' big runup yesterday as a power steering auto parts maker for EV vehicles, this might just be a new trend. If they do a PR about their EV vehicle range improvements its a home run but that's a long shot, otherwise it'll likely just get discovered as EV plays are hot. Goal is to sell in the high 3s

Exit comments: Such a weird trading stock, broke out past day highs but then big sellers, no thanks, small loss, protecting my $20k+ profits today, will revisit near the close but not this midday choppiness


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  • Position Size4,800
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WindwalzerDec 01, 20 6:27 PM

Thank you for sharing.

MattZDec 02, 20 12:55 AM

thank you for the update mahalo

MattZDec 02, 20 12:59 AM

Would very much like to get in your trading .room.I would really like to take my trading level

MattZDec 02, 20 1:10 AM

to I new level a level with the winners. I have invested a lot of $$$ money already I just bought pattern pro iy was not a good purchase I want to get in the war room. I hope you get this aloha 4everKauai

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