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Humor006 Jun 22, 1:20 AM

Hey Tim, I've been meaning to ask, why don't you ever get in on Listed stocks? It's mainly OTC's. Is that what you're comfortable with or is it because you're helping new people grow their account? Thanks! Would love to see some dip buys and longs on Listed. If you can. If not then no biggie. I have tons to study from past videos and material. Thanks again!

JoeCarJr Jun 22, 3:55 AM

Thank you. Back to the grind. I've been working 20 hour days for over 2 weeks and now I need to get back into a routine of making a watchlist.

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-$237 loss RGBP Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this former runner jumping on new filing thx to whoever posted in chat, goal is to profit 10-20%

Exit comments: No followup move so another small loss, time to put myself in timeout and come back with a clearer head, but small losses aren't the end of the world, just frustrating

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khou767 Jun 21, 10:47 AM

Tim, today is a bad day I loss and loss too:):):)

feldy66 Jun 21, 2:07 PM

it amazes me your discipline! Great lesson for me

tupuad Jun 21, 3:46 PM

Thanks for posting!

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-$142 loss DPLS Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this runner thats breaking out, let's see if it can get tot he .08s, that's my goal, nothing huge, but solid chart/action

Exit comments: No followup spike so another small loss for me, it happens, but rule #1 prevents any great damage to my account, never forget and while its actually a bit higher now as I type this now at .0775, I stay disciplined and have ZERO regrets

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dkm64 Jun 21, 10:07 AM

I am hold DPLS at .058 but I am profoundly deaf and eyes usher syndrome

tupuad Jun 21, 3:50 PM

Go to see and hear different strategies


You're really very impatient trader Tim but I really respect your plan and mindset about this trade. Different strategy and personality could have made profit or loss with this DPLS intraday chart behavior. thanks

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