Entry comments: Partial fill on this other short squeeze, lets see how high it can go, what a market, cut losses if no further spike

Exit comments: Whewwwww, what a rush, short squeezes are the play, get in chat, trade alerts too slow, you need to see this ahead of time


-$120 Loss
AKANLong Stock

Entry comments: Di[p buying this former supernova now spiking again after reverse split, goal is to make 5-10% on the further spike, cut losses of no further move

Exit comments: No bounce rule #1 cut losses quickly, small losses are fine, didn't get the squeeze I wanted, safety first



Entry comments: Good morning, partial fill on this big premarket runner, I told everyone in my webinar last night to wake up early, this is the market heading into a holiday, goal is to sell in the .40s, could be fast since its premarket, using Interactive Brokers since Etrade doesnt start until 7am EST

Exit comments: I wanted the .40s, it got there fast but couldn't hold it, now .37 looks like resistance so I'll just play safe as I'm not used to trading during this timeframe and this was a good test...got a little greedy, good lesson for me



Entry comments: Partial fill on this former Supernova trying to comeback with a potential first green day, goal is to make 5-10%, lets see if it can squeeze some shorts

Exit comments: Nice and easy, no stress at all, waited for it to test 1.30 day high and potentially break, now longer term shorts feeling the pain, I wish all trades could be this easy, whewwww



Entry comments: dip buy just before the open as we got max panic off the big spike earlier, goal is to sell in the .70s or .80s on a bounce near the open, small $ position but good risk/reward down here as previewed in chat

Exit comments: Nice little winner here, not gonna get greedy since it moves so fast, but solid dip buy and sell into strength, singles add up!



Entry comments: Partial fill on this big premarket psiekr with news, low float os it can really run, goal is to sell into new highs above premarket highs in the 2.20s, could be fast, cut losses if it can't breakout

Exit comments: Out for small profits as it can't break to new highs and I'm just not gonna be aggressive until these plays prove more...small profits or even small losses are fine when the play doesn't do what you want


-$220 Loss
BZFDLong Stock

Entry comments: One dip buy on this hard hit spiker that was moving up so fast earlier today on Vivek investor news, now it looks to have put in a bottom at 3ish, I'd love to see a quick 5-10-15% bounce as shorts I think might still be over-aggressive here...cut losses if it can't hold 3

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 cut losses quickly, small losses are fine and part of the strategy



Entry comments: Massive dip buy off the highs, $1/share, shorts I think are over-aggressive, goal is to sell into a bounce, ideally back to the 4s or high 3s, cut losses i no bounce

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains as its bouncing a bit, but not up to my standards and there are mysterious big sellers over and over despite the good news and low float so I'll just play safe in case this is a trap dip buy...small gains are fine too



Entry comments: Partial fill on this premarket spiker on big new investor https://tim.ly/3Kc7bSh Vivek Ramaswamy on a 7.7% stake, goal is to make 5-10-15% as the media will be all over this so should have some legs given Vivek's profile

Exit comments: Perfectttttttt premarket spiker, I'm locking in my single, so nice, you MUST get up early in the morning right now, every day there's solid premarket spikers, congrats to anyone awake, I should've gone bigger LOL


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