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CowardTrader May 03, 11:08 AM

Cash is also a position! Thank You Tim!

ramitko May 04, 8:32 PM

I know I'm late to watching, but I'm holding myself accountable to watch these no matter how long after the fact. Cash is also a position!

macddada May 07, 4:30 AM

Cash is also a Position

Ocean4me May 16, 1:20 PM

Thanks for the great lesson and guidance Tim!!

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jacksondowney5 Feb 28, 4:27 PM

1.) gotta focus on the multi-day runners! 2.) people say TradeZero is good. 3.) be careful of longs in this overall down market. 4.) sit on your hands and wait for ideal setups. The more we trade, the more mistakes we will make. 5.) breakouts typically don’t work in bear markets. 6.) in an overly bearish market environment, the overly shorted stocks seem to squeeze the aggressive shorts. Thank you!!

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havent been doing many trading updates handling overtime at work has left me with minimal spare time.. OWUV is still my hot watch to surf the waves.... this stock has been delivering amazing bounces at clear key levels... this is the stock iam currently watching and have been in and out of a ton since my last post. currently watching it for any mass panic.. would love to see this thing panic to the 26 area... OWUV has been teasing its own crypto token along with NFT and metaverse announcements which is currently where alot of eyes are on in our market. overall otcs have been running again but have to be picky and choosey surround yourself by the play with the highest quality catalyst with the highest quality sector with multiday runups and focus on any large dip or panic to a key level... remember simple is powerful... you dont need all the complex "studies" to make a trade. overall markets ( $SPY $QQQ $DIA ) are taking a second bounce attempt to reach all time highs but i do not have high expectations for the overall market... we are up alot over the past few years.. 3 out of 4 stocks do follow the market... also watching SBES for any large panic dip buy opportunities. SOPA is a newer publicly traded company that consolidated at its highs from 12/20-12/22 with a beautiful break above to new highs in the 13 14 range.... im not much of a nasdaq trader but this is the type of chart you need to focus on if you are... low risk high reward. also watching for any new breaking news plays that have ground breaking news or lye in a hot sector. trade disciplined don't let FOMO get the best of you.

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tons and tons of sitting on my hands in this current market. trading extra scared and extra careful and waiting for the most ideal setup... only play im currently watching is OWUV for strictly a panic play only... waiting for that near 30% retrace off its highs in mass panic... as always will avoid any slow gradual decline of a dip... needs to have volume needs to become an easy in easy out that way i can cut losses quickly if im wrong on my entry... tons of stocks continuing to get crushed as big investors are selling off their year end losses to write off against their gains... ontop of that the $QQQ the $SPY and the $DIA are struggling to hold highs and is due for a pull back or dip in the big picture.... 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market that means 75% of longing trades right now are effected by the markets for upside potential. trade safe.

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