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karman Oct 15, 21 8:54 PM

Thanks Matt. learned some things around crypto today!

LeeHunt Dec 13, 22 4:57 PM

Thanks Matt ,Great stuff!

brandonkoy Apr 23, 23 5:26 PM

lots of crypto breakout talk

RobertRiggs Jun 21, 23 3:52 AM

Avoid the shit coins and trade the Alt coins. Thanks for reviewing Cypto and comparing to penny stocks. Thanks for the webinar Matt.

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Jim_Bob_buey Jun 01, 20 11:37 AM

the money i had in BTC for 20 days through all the ups and downs would have been better served with Tim's methods, to keep in cash and use as ammo for a sniper. I missed opportunities, so i returned my BTC to cash.

Matthew46 Apr 30, 21 1:15 PM

Thank you Tim!!! Bitcoin

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