$960 profit SPY Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought some of the overall market using bigger account, I feel like we're close to max panic here given the Fed stimulus and not a huge pop overnight with new virus cases, goal is to make $-10/share, nothing huge

Exit comments: I have no patience with this, took my roughly $1k here, moving so fast, still testing with my big account

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SherNaMon Mar 23, 10:08 AM

Long on this, correct? Then why $-10 per share ... What I'm trying to understand is what does "minus" mean here?

Windwalzer Mar 23, 11:42 PM

Did you play your dip buy on this one? Wow, a big account. Thank you.

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Markets going down more, very glad I got out of my $SPY trade, good little test and $2k profit too, ZERO positions right now, this might get worse

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$2,120 profit SPY Long Stock

Entry comments: Big account I bought 1,000 of SPY ETF as I feel we're close to market bottom, not sure how long I'll hold for, but I',m comfortable taking a trade in my big account which has just been sitting

Exit comments: LOL I tried to be patient but it's not my typical trade so I'll err on the side of caution and lock in the safe $2k, not saying this is definiely the bottom, just poking around and learning

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SurfinWaves Mar 12, 10:39 AM

It will be interesting to see if that level is a turning point and we get a bounce or if we break through it for real panic. I believe that you are playing off of the lows of Dec 2018 and that should be support. Very interesting.

Anigai Mar 12, 12:07 PM

Very interesting, I was shocked to see you touch an ETF of any kind but a good lesson for me to always keep an open mind. Great lesson, great trade Tim.

Windwalzer Mar 12, 2:09 PM

This was neat to see you trade $SPY It makes sense since it has gone down so much. Thank you. You are giving me an expansive education.

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CRAZY how much the $DIA $SPY $QQQ faded today, Trump can't even buy market strength, the markets see the US's lack of preparation with the #coronavirus despite us having weeks to prepare, too busy trying to pretend everything's fine for the press LOL

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2 trading session after I bought, and stopped out of, $KBLB, it hits my goals. I didn't buy it yesterday though because the $SPY, $IWM, and $QQQ were all down >2% and 3/4 stocks follow the overall market. It's nice to be on the right track though.

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