Excited to be on Overall, my trading skill is really bad. Two weeks in I feel that I am learning a lot from the first five DVDs, read Tim's book and FINALLY starting to attend Webinars. Short term goals is to finish through the DVDs, watch some webinars, and continue to learn "Patterns" Then: "rinse and repeat", YIKES! I have invested in (my current open trades) $AAPL, $NVDA, $BABA, TECHY, $MSFT and JD as investments. Very happy with them. My burning Q is do I sell off my positions in a few months to trade, ...only when I understand the homework. I guess those answers will present themselves in time. Also need to close 10 other bad open plays , grrr!!! Decisions! Decisions! LOL!

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[SuperAlerts] $NVDA small gap so far, watching it today with the CES starting tonight and $NVDA the keynote speaker. Was 99s yesterday too and had some bounce back


[SuperAlerts] $NVDA more weakness today, near the $100 level. CES keynote this week too. Been down since the short report last week by CItron


[SuperAlerts] Andrew Left of Citron research has targeted $NVDA - after his tweet on Wednesday shares down, aka citron's "kiss of death." He did the same thing to $VRX last year.

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