$1,296 profit BMR Long Stock

Entry comments: BUYing this former runner as I said in chat, sympathy play to giant squeeze in HOLO, lets see how far it can go, wanted bigger position but moving too fast, cut losses if it can't keep making new intraday highs, goal is 10-20%

Exit comments: Beautifullllll midday short squeeze, now $14.30 as I type this, but I'm not going to get greedy, profits are good to take on speculative Friday runners, whewwww, what a market

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trader_94438 Feb 16, 12:00 PM

Thanks Tim Gxai didn’t pan out so well for me had problems with my WeBull app / brokerage I read your book and had a wonderful conversation with your dad, Joel. I am moving on now to another AI program in the end, I won more than I lost. I realize I have to study up a bit and find a good broker that is willing to work with me hasta la vista baby.

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WATCH THEM ALL: OMH +250% Momentum Mover BGLC +185% Momentum Mover DBGI +155% Reaffirms its 2024 Guidance and Commits to No Equity Offerings for 2024 ARBB +150% SC 13G Filed by ARB Berhad 28.38% VCIG +70% Momentum Mover $BMR +66% Pricing of $12 Million Public Offering FAMI +63% Momentum Mover $FREE +35% to be Acquired by Affiliates of Sababa Holdings FREE, LLC BDRX +34% SC 13G Filed by Bigger Capital 9.9%

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$3,741 profit BMR Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on big dip off the highs in the $34s, goal is 5-10% bounce, could be fast, small position just to be safe, what an incredible runner this is, cut losses if no bounce as its scary too

Exit comments: WOW, what a gorgeous bounce, now into the 24s so I sold too soon...wish I had gotten bigger position, but also scary and moving too fast, another solid day now for me even though I severely underestimated it, just taking the opportunities now into big intraday panics only

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MichaelAllen Feb 12, 12:11 PM

Congratulations! I am working with a really small acount $187, i bought 30 shares at $6 and sold at $19…..literally within 15 minutes it was up over $30, oh well 3X my money. Its one step at a time. Thanks Tim for your guidance. Respectfully, Michael Allen Hobson

tupuad Feb 12, 12:13 PM

Thanks Tim. Great job Michael Allen!

slim6 Feb 12, 1:54 PM

i cought the news this morning and didnt buy. i could have bought around 3.25

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