($531) loss NADL Short Stock

Entry comments: I used my high net worth broker to find shares to short of this one as it just had a nice crack after an attempted morning spike, still risky to short in this market, but this should drop 20-40 cents/share so worth the risk for me, small position on my overall account there, email admin@timothysykes.com for an intro ONLY if you have $30k minimum they require

Exit comments: Not going red on the day again, big wll of buyers now at 2.75, scary stock to short on a Friday, rule #1 cut losses fast, protect, protect, protect in this market

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zengineer Apr 21, 12:08 PM

Hey Tim! I just joined Silver and it is awesome!! I am not yet trading but I have been studying my butt off investing in my knowledge. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge!! I have watched How To Make Millions and Spikeability and they were GREAT! I have a question about this trade: What was your thought process for shorting so high above support when hoping for a breakdown once support is broken? Is it that you wouldn't be able to get the shares to short once it breaks support? Sorry if

zengineer Apr 21, 12:09 PM

that's a dumb question be I still have so much to learn. You are THE MAN! Thanks!

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$247 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought the morning dip on this contract winner as outlined in my watchlist last night, still a potential multi-month breakout if it can get over the 2.70s which it had problems with yesterday, that's my goal. nothing huge, but decent risk/reward by buying this dip with support around 2.50

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, it did go green on the day from being red, but just barely and can't get back to testing 2.70 highs from yesterday, no thanks, I'll play safe as nothing really seems to be spiking big today, NADL potential short for me here in the 2.80s

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