[TimAlerts] low volume plays like WLKR are better for swing trades foe several days/weeks


[TimAlerts] My top watch for tommorow is gonna be $REXX its up after hours on news ( https://finance.yahoo.com/news/rex-energy-announces-two-financial-120000744.html ) and it had some good volume but not an low float, since it has around 85 million float but i'm just looking for a dip at the market open into a panic and their are some levels I want to see it breaking out because of this news but it should have strong volume and specially not to have fading volume after the breakout. Good Night. see you guys


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Relives Jan 18, 12:21 AM

thank you tim, my watchlist has almost all of the same tickers!

TRav Jan 18, 12:31 AM

Thanks Tim

tradeformula Jan 18, 1:22 AM

Hey @timothysykes Since a lot of us use STT now, including myself, do you think you can make a string of tickers so I can just copy and past them to STT for my watchlist? REXX, BNTC, PULM, TRCH, CIDM, TBIO, GLBS, MYOS, DFFN, ETRM, BIOC, IMUC, URRE, WLKR, AXIM

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