$436 profit GSUM Short Stock

Entry comments: I took small short on this stock with really bad news but is bouncing nicely nearly $2/share now off its lows, looking for 30-50 cent/share retrace, small position though, risky

Exit comments: Got the crack I wanted on a scary stock although not as much as ideal, small gain of a few hundred bucks, aim small, miss small, been a while since I shorted too ha, kinda miss it now, thank you Interactive Brokers for the shares to short here

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$153 profit CANN Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent runner on its http://tim.ly/sykesmorning morning panic pattern, not as big of a dip as I would like so my goal is just to sell it in the low 4s

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, not a big enough drop to have a big enough bounce, FUSZ panicking now, maybe that one can give us enough of a drop to be more worth my time, taking small gains here

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RevJC Apr 23, 1:40 PM

Study, study, and more study! Thanks!

JKTrades2016 Apr 23, 3:43 PM

I work studying into my daily routine. Video lessons while I do dishes, during my commute, in my ear buds while I work, etc. 'Trickle down profit-enomics'

strickling Apr 23, 4:58 PM

@timothysykes I study all morning, all afternoon, and all evening 7 days/wk except for yoga and food

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Slow trading the past 2 days, should give you more time to read the new http://tim.ly/jbook which you should be plowing through ASAP to be better prepared for next week!

Yemane Apr 20, 7:26 PM

I keep watching the videos. Should I open an account or wait until I attend the live seminar. Yesterday I registered in Tim's challenge. Can I open Interactive Brokers account? I am canadian.

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[TimAlerts] Bitcoin still hasn't shown a very sexy chart for the LT. If it can move past $9k, that's when it'll start perking up.


($330) loss GE Long Stock

Entry comments: I used my bigger account to buy this slower moving/big company, but still an earnings winner on a beaten down stock, goal is just to make 20-40 cents/share as this is NOT a volatile stock, but lots of longterm shorts trapped so this could very well surprise and spike more

Exit comments: And that's a good reminder why I don't trade big stocks, LOL, solid brick wall of sellers, no thanks, cut losses quickly

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calvinw Apr 20, 10:40 AM

Like the bigger stocks as well, but that level 2 can move like a slot machine spitting out great then instant bad tape, lol. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

Darlingnana1 Apr 20, 1:18 PM

Thanks for keeping it real! Sometimes ya just gotta go for it!

extremerick11 Apr 20, 2:53 PM

Was curious to see your buy alert on a blue chip. Always learning!

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