[TimAlerts] ESSI makes me unsure cause its a otc pink stock, and only has 2 employees lol, what do you think


[TimAlerts] Can $BNSO still run up tomorrow? Any idea guys? i stayed long in hopes of recovering some of the loss


[TimAlerts] So... if $EMKR Breaks past 8.57... its a multi year break out and can\Should Fly. This is one of Tim's Patterns for sure... Earnings + Break out...


[TimAlerts] $IPI watch to see if it can take out 2.56... ESSI no idea if it will continue to climb... BPMX... look for short entry... ANTH... check price action.. Look for short... NVCN... Short if breaks 1.85s


[TimAlerts] $IPI is a commodity stock...I think that's one that Tim typically avoids if I'm not mistaken fwiw


[TimAlerts] ESSI has been uptrending on some SEC filings. bought it when it broke the year high. made a nice profit on it


[TimAlerts] i think cause energy has been up. i think its a sympathy play to something else. not really sure. I was looking at buying yesterday and holding overnight cause it was about to break/did break (not convincingly enough for me) multi month high $IPI

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