Do me a favor guys when you have time, please share this link on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wthTmQHmuZ0 as we're trying to get it over 300,000 views today, EVERYONE must be made aware of what's going on with our single biggest producer of oxygen before its too late and the good news is we still have some time to fix it

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$250 profit DARE Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this early winner on positive drug news, its run before, could be quick, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Zzzzzz tried to breakout but lots of resistance at 1.10-1.11, maybe it goes more later, but I'm not sure so when in doubt get out

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Johnnorth Jun 17, 10:25 AM

Nice to be safe. and still take profits.

BGoddard Jun 17, 12:04 PM

Great stuff thank you Tim

Reggietrades Jun 17, 11:21 PM

Couldn't break resistance. DARE looked like a promising trade during premarket with the news. I bought in at 1.10 and waited for the failed breakout. It fell to 1.01 , then to 1.00 which was my mental stop loss. 300 shares for a 30 dollar loss..

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Gooooooooood morning!

faulksmash Jun 18, 1:08 AM

Good morning! Posting this 14 hours after your post, but it'll be morning for me in an hour haha! Bought your Supernova Series ( +cheat sheet & case study) and just finished taking notes on the included video. All slides you provided, typed them all out in a clean structure (shoutout to Jamil, haha) and plan to revisit the video tomorrow to edit in nuggets on information that you provided that weren't in the slides, but in your self presentation. Initially only planned on buying the $7 video (I'

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