Daily/weekly recap: https://tim.ly/2FSD4Bf solid $4k for me today, $17k on the week, $7699k in 2020, please retweet if you promise to study this weekend and have a great/safe weekend! Video lesson coming on Sunday with my top stocks to watch for Monday!

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$134 profit BRTXQ Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on this late day runner and a former runner spiking into the close on rumors of a new 8k filing, not sure if I'll hold overnight, this could run nicely into the lose just on the rumors

Exit comments: Not closing great along with the overall market tanking too, I'm out for puny gains just so I can stay stress free over the weekend, lots of potential dip buys on Monday, I'll do video lesson this weekend

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Windwalzer Sep 18, 4:31 PM

Did you enter on the dip and get out right after or did you wait till the backside to exit? Thank you I learn so much from the chart.

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$1,040 profit FLDM Long Stock

Entry comments: Went bigger on this bullish note from Ciron, saliva based testing for coronavirus, goal is to make 5-10%, could be quick, STT breaking news play

Exit comments: Zzzzz, not big spike like I wanted on that positive news so I'll just take small profits, playing extra-safe in this choppy market, small gain

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waiello Sep 18, 2:59 PM

I also have to learn how to sell and remember to put my hole order in that's what gave me my lost. I bought 4k of something but only sold 100 the first time until I look at my account going down.

Windwalzer Sep 18, 4:23 PM

You entered close to the previous double top and exited around the red candle or the backside? Thank you.

EngXiong Sep 19, 9:31 AM

OK OK years about the same scene so stupid Weather be like a billionaire who frome what is it about the world

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