$360 profit JAGX Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, good head's up from Mark Croock in challenge chat, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: Nice little bounce and it's hitting my goals so I'll take it...nothing huge, but I'll take a few hundred bucks on a gimmie pattern with a recently hot stock down 25%+ when I bought it

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EricAlldritt Mar 19, 10:44 AM

I second what Hnichols45 says, although left a little too early at a 2% gain. However, consistent singles and trading for patterns first (then the profits will follow).

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($150) loss NBEV Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner up a bit on solid guidance, potential morning spiker, goal is to sell in the low 6s

Exit comments: No big spike like I wanted and like the action at the market open was teasing so rule #1 is cut losses quickly...no biggie, losing a few cents/share in a fast moving market where it could really spike big and fast is an acceptable risk for me

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tai4two Mar 19, 9:53 AM

Disappointing, but glad you cut your losses.

Jaykian720 Mar 19, 7:17 PM

pretty big position yet such a small loss - well played!

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$EMIS nice nearly $1/share bounce off my entry, I took 35 cents/share, so just 1/3 of the potential, gives you some idea of the quality of bounce on this kind of a setup

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$370 profit EMIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought the panic here, moves really quick so only got partial execution, goal is to make 3-60 cents/share on the bounce, small ass position

Exit comments: I'll take that bounce as it hit my goals, potential re-buy on any bigger dip

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Johnnorth Mar 18, 12:14 PM

I keep learning from you.

suhwateeze Mar 18, 5:34 PM

Nailed it!! So grateful to learn from you

LegalPimp Mar 19, 3:13 AM

I like this trade for 2 reasons. U profited but more importantly you shifted your focus from DARE because it wasn’t playing out how you wanted at market open.

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