@toure99 Hey saw you at the expo. Congratulations on your recent success! I was wondering if we could chat about how your shorting is going through etrade. I had a couple questions.

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toure99 Sep 28, 19 2:31 PM

Etrade is hard to find shorts sometimes i get lucky. i mostly stick to longing. Borrow rates can be very high.

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Buckers May 20, 3:22 PM

Thanks Jack, I hope you will have the time to make more, I am learning loads, thank you

Peachtart Jun 06, 12:30 PM

Love this one Jack. Helps so much. When I started, I would look at charts and they would sort of swim before my eyes. Had no idea what to look for. You've helped me a lot to have some clarity with this. Thanks so much.

trey_c Jun 15, 11:48 PM

Thanks Jack!

night_knight Jun 27, 1:30 PM

thanks! Got to keep watching these OTC stocks over several days too, and keep those patterns in mind, not just intra day. Good point!

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Sorry just saw your comment . I drove 1:15 min was stuck in traffic got there at the end

HermanMB Aug 20, 19 10:41 AM

Toure99. I have been following your option plays. How do you source your ideas on options?tks

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Don't rush to trade learn as much as you can before or experience will be your teacher good or bad!

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LucianaSantos Oct 12, 19 3:45 PM

Hi! your profile just inspired me a lot! Thanks for sharing your trades.

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jcash3485 Jul 21, 19 6:00 PM

Jackaroo I took a major lesson from this video. Thank you for sharing, this probably made you a 10x better trader then you were before, and to man up and recap it and make a video of it for others to learn from is class act!!!!! You already knew what to do and now I bet you will never forget it. Probably one of your greatest learning lessons that sharpened your skills even better for the future. Thanks again man!!!!

drog Sep 28, 19 6:13 PM

Thanks Jack for sharing

Buckers May 20, 2:57 PM

Very inspirational, and here was me feeling sick on a $300 loss this morning, thanks Jack

Jim_Bob_buey Jun 02, 12:23 AM

Good solid advice; i can sure identify with the stubbornness. Thanks for sharing all that.

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