Don't rush to trade learn as much as you can before or experience will be your teacher good or bad!

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LucianaSantos Oct 12, 19 3:45 PM

Hi! your profile just inspired me a lot! Thanks for sharing your trades.

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RedScourge Sep 08, 15 7:01 PM

Be careful though, because it had a triple top, it only went up 20%, and its volume wasn't really all that great. It might gap open tomorrow though, so you may want to take profits, but I suppose its future action all depends on whether or not people realize that even at this price, based on its balance sheet and income statement, it's already very overpriced.

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str8bas4ul Sep 06, 15 7:06 PM

this is one to go long on RvsR, i am on the website as well and will continue to grow with the up coming election.

CreamTv Sep 06, 15 7:06 PM

Not chasing but it has a lot of Hype around it but also ran to 7$ in the past still looking to enter and pullback tho

CreamTv Sep 06, 15 7:28 PM

@str8bas4ul thanks for checking out my site btw trying my hardest on it

KostTradesWell Sep 07, 15 10:55 AM

Intersting buy-in opportunity. I'll monitor it and thanks for the info :)

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