Had an ok day today, Had a pretty good trade on BYND for a small profit and locked in a small profit on NKLA put. My only loss today was in PTON and I let that one get away from me for a bigger loss than I would have liked, but when it cracked it went pretty fast. But still an overall green day for me to chip away at my losses for the month. I'm still holding a position in NKLA more of a lottery style put expecting $GM to back out of the deal tomorrow. It's a very small money position and won't hurt my account even if they expire worthless but I get the feeling that it could be close to $9 or $10 before Friday given all the big sell orders from the past couple of days into the close. I won't be trading much if at all the next 2 days but I will be watching NKLA pretty close while traveling. Stay safe everybody and study up!

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