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zaraza Apr 17, 18 3:04 PM

singles Thank you Tim

ZiggysMom Jul 26, 18 11:32 AM

Noting singles are what will grow the account. Reward yourself. Liquidity is volume. Volatility is how much the stock moves. Study the past. Practice, take it trade by trade. You will get better over time.

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First i bought 50 shares 10c below breakdown point at $6.35, sold at my stop loss $6.24. Cut hypothetical losses quick! Later, before close I bought another 50shares at $6.35, held few cents below stop loss because I was thinking I'd play the chart (heh)and not the ticks. Sold 20shares before close @ $6.24. 30 shares left overnight. I'm hoping that its gonna bounce back a bit because its a large company and its an earnings winner.... its all wishfull thinking in good part, but I'm making strides ;)

Tomislav Jul 26, 17 5:51 PM

I didnt do any of the obvious plays simply because I was expecting a breakout and didnt plan out this scenario.

Tomislav Jul 27, 17 4:44 PM

Holding overnight was a mistake, I should have CUT LOSSES QUICK :)

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$AKS just touched 6.80 so I was dead on with my bounce thesis, but I got scared out too soon, I would NOT be holding long now, this is best case scenario after that midday drop, congrats to a lot of you who held and banked a somewhat easy 5% on this intraday bounce

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($74) loss AKS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner on a nice 30 cent/share dip off its morning highs, not a greta longterm chart and this one is choppy so dip buys only, then sell into strength, my goal is to make 20-40 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: It's not bouncing the way I thought it would, my bad for trying to sneak in a trade midday, good reminder for me why this is a tough time of day to trade so rule #1 from is to cut losses quickly, protecting my gains from earlier, not gonna let a small mistake turn into a potential disaster...potential re-buy only on bigger dip and NOT midday

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lofloatJAM Jul 25, 17 3:14 PM

U tried... we can try. sometimes it will work, and other times not.... remember most important rule #1.... part of trading. Tnx youngster

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[TimChallenge] 2 O/N plays I took: short $AKS from 8.80, 1500 shares, locked in 500 after it held the 8.30 area this morning, holding last 1000 for a potential morning panic to the low 8s. Long 3k AUPH from 3.11 avg looking for 3.40s to 3.50s in a morning spike.


[TimChallenge] $AKS it's an earnings winner, it'll probably spike back up once the bag holders are done taking profit

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