Guys, stop trading so much midday, it's just too choppy, read instead this new blog post http://tim.ly/2m8GvV6 and leave a comment under that post so I know you actually read it!

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Zaleucus Mar 10, 17 12:04 PM

Rules to live by Capitan, my last trades have me believing that I am actually learning and putting it in practice. I know I'm not a MC student yet, but I still learn a lot from your lessons. Cheers and can't thank you enough, mark my word I'll be a millionaire student one day.

Darryl2017student Mar 10, 17 12:22 PM

8 daily routines san diego up at 5am check my watch list go over charts patterns.. learn something new everyday. focus invest in yourself. thanks you PROFESSOR SYKES !

anthonya171 Jul 24, 17 6:17 AM

Read it and is great advice that I will start to live by

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