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Grasshopper Mar 28, 20 7:43 AM

Thank you for taking the time to share. God bless.

e_havins Mar 28, 20 11:22 AM

Thanks for sharing, Scott. I've been flopping around for years on and off in stock and Forex but I'm finally doing more to educate myself and shake the emotions. My two biggest issues are finding the right entry/exits and most of all proper risk levels. So far I've pretty solid at the stock selection, but very poor at execution. I bought 10000 of NBDR @ .0275 on 3/23. It was a watchlist pick (was not a paid subscriber at that time) and I read positive news so I got in. I was sitting in front o

e_havins Mar 28, 20 11:25 AM

...the end got cut. Anyway, sitting in front of the screen on 3/24 when it hit .083...I let it go, thinking it was still going to go up because I've closed too early too many times. I ended up going flat at .046 when it crashed on 3/25. Went from a great trade to and example of what not to do. Cheers and I hope you and your family stay safe!

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