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OllieG Apr 19, 20 12:37 PM

you do you, don't need to explain or justifiy anything to anyone! I originally found tim in 2016, didnt really care about the stock market, started studying + trading in 2017 > quickly realized idk wtf im doing. took 2 years to study and learn the language, been profitable this past month.

haafamillion Apr 19, 20 1:02 PM

My explanation is not a defense of my stance, but rather a reminder to myself and a guide for others similarly situated. I appreciate the support.

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tradewithvlad Apr 17, 20 11:44 AM

@Perfect_Squ4re thanks man. I'm here to help anyway that I can. Feel free to reach out to me and I will start doing more reviews on my trades on youtube.

LHJ Apr 17, 20 4:02 PM

Congrats Vlad! Can't wait to get there myself. I'm a new trader so I have a long road ahead of me. Anyway, live long and prosper

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OllieG Apr 09, 20 9:25 AM

former runners can always respike. Tons of volume premarket, its in the hot sector, has news, coronaplay.... good odds it runs to the long side today. has a TON of bag holders so i wouldnt expect this to go insane unless it squeezes too many shorts

MDM Apr 10, 20 1:02 AM

Thanks for your comment

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@RolandWolf Been hitting studying after watching some of your videos, avg about 6 hrs/day now. Serious question, How do you handle the strain on your eyes? I've tried turning down the brightness but it still feels like everything is too white/bright

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dogson Nov 18, 17 10:46 AM

Ollie get a program called Flux. It changes your screen to orange/sepia at sunset, it's designed to protect your circadian rhtyhms by removing the blue light that's really harsh on your eyes. The transitions are designed to be slow and subtle so you barely notice. But it will help your eyes a lot.

OllieG Nov 24, 17 3:48 PM

@RolandWolf are you already prescribed glasses or is this just for blue light?

YashN Jan 01, 18 9:04 PM

f.lux sure is extremely helpful in these cases.

ByronG Feb 11, 18 10:39 PM

@dogson I tried this and results were amazing. thanks for the sugestion!

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CrowofShortClan Nov 09, 17 9:34 PM

@jww1019 Thanks for mentioning website ill be on there more often.

CrowofShortClan Nov 09, 17 9:38 PM

@OllieG I see exactly what your talking about. I want to play both sides of the momentum but currently trying to increase my account size only trading with $406. Thx for the response and good trading!

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