Tunde1306 Feb 15, 6:43 AM

It seems ok after looking it up just now. I would be careful picking it up here because it hit a 1 year high Friday and checking the 5 year chart it's around that key resistance in 15-17 area. I wouldn't call it a pump and dump but you don't want to be investing here, maybe look for a day trade to scalp it.

slim6 Feb 15, 8:35 AM

thanks for the responds. ill wait later and try to short sell it. ill scalp it until it drops I'm afraid to go long on this one.

CrowofShortClan Feb 16, 1:51 PM

Wouldn't consider it a pump. I would recommend to avoid stocks that don't communicate a clear opportunity to monopolize off of.

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anatomic Dec 23, 19 11:06 AM

working on that. Here's a picture oftrade on DTIL today. I only got half size, but I risked $140 and made $646, so about 4.6R

CrowofShortClan Dec 23, 19 9:38 PM

Greetings Hunter, always good to see a fellow dedicated short seller. If you want to enter in depth conservation about short setups, chart patterns, trader psychology etc. we should use discord or something of the sort. I feel you on that not having anyone to discuss/exchange thoughts with on short selling or trading at all really for me.

CrowofShortClan Dec 23, 19 9:42 PM

Also, I have plenty of stock analysis that you could analyze if your interested. If you detail your trades, I would appreciate if you would be willing to share your trading logs.

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anatomic Dec 21, 19 7:49 PM

Usually summer is pretty slow. Sometimes December is because of the January effect. People/fund sell stocks that they've lost money on in December so they can write them off on their taxes. Then they buy them back in January which causes a lot of long and short plays.

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