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Spotted this OTC momentum runner back on the 2/6 before it made its second leg up. I wanted to buy then at $0.05, but I recently just started back trading this week and my funds did not yet clear. I recognized the potential for another leg up on Wednesday and bought once I saw it was beginning to spike. Was gonna sell at near the close, but didn't want lose a day trade already at 2/3.


-$126 Loss
SGLBLong Stock

40% of this is my fault other 60% is b/c of my broker i wanted to sell at 3.00 but my order got rejected the first time so by time i got the next one in it was at 2.68 which happened to be the bottom.



Picked it up on my scanner had a nice spike on wednesday picked up 40mil in volume when its average is 800k. Checked the news saw it within one day so i believed I it could run some more. On the other hand, it held its most of its gains on wednesday, but a panic before the close, but volume and catalyst reassured me met most of my indicators for a morning spike https://profit.ly/user/AuthenticCrow/blog/how-to-determine-morning-spikes It's my second trade as well so that's good!


-$19 Loss
LPADLong Stock

Old trade. I can't recall what happened.


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