So I'm gonna rant for a minute, mainly because I'm a dumbass. My trading day is done now, so I've had a brewski (with prolly a few more to come soon). Okay, so I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I have been trading from nothing but a smartphone since the start of my trading career...hell it's all I've ever known. I'm very familiar with both of the mobile platforms I've used in the past (eTrade, TDAmeritrade), and dare I say I'm at least somewhat efficient in using both of them. Well starting this May I decided to take my trading career seriously. Moving away from this being just a fun little hobby, into actual potential for long term profits and economic sustainability. So I invested in a pretty dope ass computer, a couple monitors, and decided to ditch my mobile device for a legitimate online broker offering seemingly cool tradiing software. Sounds like a step in the right direction right? I thought so... Computer is great, I just got everything set up last night. Trading software seems great. But the problem is, I am extremely unfamiliar in using a legitimate CPU for trading. I stayed up late last night getting everything all set up, and started exploring my new trading software (Trade Architect by TDAmeritrade). Well in neglecting very much needed sleep, I thought I was prepared and all ready to rock today. I WAS WRONG!! In the heat of the morning rush, coupled with the fact that I am unfamiliar with Trade Architect and wasn't nearly as prepared as I should have been, I sustained yet another loss today. I jumped in late and totally missed the move I was looking forward to. I let what could have been an extremely simple quick easy trade, turn in to a cluster of the utmost fuck nature. UUUUUGGGHHH!! So dumb of me!! I could blame the software, and my inexperience in PC trading as excuses for todays reckless action...but in all reality I was just unprepared. I brought piss to a shit fight and paid for it with my available brokerage funds. Kudos to anyone who got the Silicon Valley reference. I won't let this happen again, I need to be better prepared in the future. I am spending the remainder of my day getting comfortable with my new trading platform and software. PeACE!

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Hey @Palmer ! How do you find TOS and TDAmeritrade when you want to short a stock? Do you usually find shares to short when needed? Any good or bad experience when shorting would be very much appreciated :)

Palmer Feb 08, 9:13 AM

You can add the HTB/ETB to the scan list headers to see if the stock is shortable...check video #3 here If a stock is HTB you can call to try to reserve shares..extra step but it can be done. I have been focusing on momentum trading lately so I have not shorted much in a while.

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