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JGayda Nov 04, 21 7:54 AM

Took more time for it to get to the right position to trade it safely with optimal risk reward than it did to make the trade. Professional approach and mindset there Ellis that’s good stuff!! Thanks again

DDT Dec 06, 21 2:47 AM

Thanks Ellis!

26R_COLE Dec 14, 21 2:34 PM

Thank you for the live trading lesson Ellis

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Hey Tim, I really like your webinars, I learn a ton. I've been paper trading for 8 days with decent success and will start trading with money soon. I currently have a TDA account that I want to integrate with SST but I have a question. It looks like you use Think or Swim to do the webinars but when I click on your "brokers" link you have them at the bottom at what looks to be a not so good choice of broker. Can you help?

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Could someone help me to set up. I have a TDAmeritrade account already. Is there a better recomendation? Also, what would be the best trading app for my phone?

jachyrah Sep 16, 20 11:21 PM

I prefer TDAmeritrade over Etrade personally. Interactive Brokers for accounts 25k-50k+ and for more share availibility for shorting. I am liking StockstoTrade for screening and watching charts. Don't like their broker integration much.

jsullivancent Mar 24, 21 12:18 AM

@jachyrah I'm new to the challenge and have been using STT for three weeks. I was about to do broker integration, what about it didn't you like?

jachyrah Apr 03, 21 10:20 PM

I'm still learning the software, and found out my pc was too old for all features to work properly. In the process of getting a new PC so hopefully Broker Integration will work for me then.

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