@GodfreyS just became a fully transparent trader today! Started to dive deep into penny stocks December 2019, when I found Tim Sykes from Steven Dux youtube. Since then Ive watched all of Tim Sykes, Tim Grittani, Steven Dux, Roland Wolf, Mike Huddie, Kyle Williamis youtube videos. The Stock to Trade youtube series "TWIST' This Week In Steady Trade is very good. I've read Sykes book American Hedge Fund I also read The Complete Penny Stock Course (6/10/2020) and a lot of his blog post on his website. I bought and watched multiple time when I first got them How to make Million (3/6/2020) Trader Checklist part Deux and PennyStocking Framework Part Deux (4/19/2020) I started tracking and posting on Profitly June 25th, 2020. Started trading with my money end of January 2020. These are dates of how much I added to which accounts. Etrade Margin 1.16.2020-$500 4.14 - $500 4.27 - $500 5.07 - $500 5.21 - $500 Charles Schwab Margin 5.5.2020 - $500 7.14 - $500 Wells Fargo Margin 7.1.2020 - $200 TDAmeritrade Cash 7.21.2020 - $500

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