DEAD ON: Huddie: For me, the day to be long was overnight Friday , betting on increased hysteria over the weekend and coming into today, specifically on low share count, break out chart $APT I think most of the moves are now, over-done, and have little merit being up here at these levels with loose ties to the news. Tough to cherry pick a bottom w/ such a situation imo

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[TimAlerts] my watch list : $AEHR- tech break out, 9m float $APT- tech break, 52wh, 13m float CTRL-swing, new 52wh, 20m float, positive growth over the years.


[TimAlerts] I just bought 350 shares of $APT at 3.63. Small amount hoping for another supernova. Mental stop loss at 3.55.


[TimAlerts] Anyone watching or have thoughts on $APT? Looking at the three year chart when it went supernova it appears to be forming same initial pattern and near the same time period September and October.

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