Accountability post 06/10/2020-06/23/2020 I watched all of the live webinars and newest video lessons the last two weeks. I finished watching three more DVD's: Short Stocking, Learn Level 2, and Timdicators. I have also started watching "Trading Tickers." I finished the audiobook, "Trading for a Living" by Alexander Elder. I started listening to the audiobook, "Fooling Some of the People All of the Time" by David Einhorn. Listening to the audiobooks while I workout has been a good learning strategy to save time. I started watching "Trader Checklist Volume 1" in my Tim Sykes VIP education portal. I printed out some checklists to practice with. I started practicing today. I didn't trade, but I watched what the stocks were doing and compared that with my plan. I transferred my trading account from TDAmeritrade to E*Trade. I got hammered with OTC commissions using TDAmeritrade, and I plan on trading them a lot more. When I transferred my account from TDAmeritrade, I didn't realize they were going to close it when I did that. I was planning on still using the ToS platform, so I had to reopen my account. I called E*Trade and asked for access to E*Trade Pro while I was waiting for my funds to settle. I watched Tim Lento's turtorial webinar on E*Trade Pro, and I set up my screens as close as I could get to what I had in ToS. I like the platform, but I like ToS better. I'll keep E*Trade Pro as a back up. I made some money playing options. I've been following Mark Croock's alerts. I also had my biggest loss playing options on $APT over the weekend. I am still in the green, but it really hurt.

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oswald Aug 14, 22 12:05 AM

Thank you Tim, so great to learn from you.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 25, 10:54 PM

Never stop asking questions and never stop looking for answers, this grind will help define you in your trading career. Can't teach discipline, have to have time in the game and take some lumps to build tolerance and confidence in being comfortable while uncomfortable and adhering to your risk levels. Always look for ways to improve. Thanks for your time and education Grittani!!!

Sarnaud1205 Aug 25, 10:58 PM

Also: after having your best month, or first green month (for newer traders) Do Not go in to the next months trying to out do yourself or trying to beat your past performance, instead, focus on just taking what the market gives you in terms of your A+ setup. Focus on making good trades, and if your setup isn't available, just don't trade and practice being patient/discipline. Thanks for your time, education, and wisdom Grittani!!!

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