$490 profit CYDY Long Stock

Entry comments: Yet another perfect http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, truly overwhelmed by how many plays there are, goal is to make 5-10%

Exit comments: Out for small gains, laptop issues, gonna have to restart, cant wait to get rid of this clunker at year end, now its costing me $

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ProCritikal Dec 23, 20 10:29 AM

Awe shit. You going you to get a new Laptop. DADAAAAMN! What you looking at getting

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-$372 loss CYDY Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner spiking n good news from STT Breaking News, it already hit the 2.70s, I think it can get back there, goal is to sell in the high 2s or low 3s

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1, cut losses quickly, small losses are part of the game, stay disciplined

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RChen Oct 28, 20 12:55 AM

Thanks. Tim!

Windwalzer Oct 28, 20 9:13 AM

It looks like it had a better dip after the one you traded. Thank you.

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$170 profit CYDY Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this possible first green day play on a former Supernova that spiked big today on news they might be a part of Operation Warpspeed https://tim.ly/2Qgufn2 longs will hype this up all weekend, if I was short I'd be scared and cover some just in case, risk is if it can't finish strong I lose 5-10 cents/share but it could also squeeze into the close and test morning highs in the 3.90s, not sure if I'll hold overnight, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share

Exit comments: No big run into the close despite breaking above afternoon resistance at 3.50 so I'll just exit for small gains here, stress free weekend, worth a shot but no dice, BPTH late day spike was better

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Sanjo Aug 08, 20 3:30 PM

Please, improve the quality of the recordings. It's choppy and hard to watch this way.

TimLento Aug 09, 20 11:51 AM

@Sanjo My apologizes, in the middle of a move, the quality will be better in a month hopefully.

dumbtrades Sep 17, 20 5:34 AM

great webinar gonna just hustle on the studying till the end of the year knowledge account grows first before my trading account

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