($1,050) loss CYDY Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought the morning dip on this recent runners, solid support at .96 and .95, goal is to sell for 5-10% bounce, nothing huge, good risk/reward

Exit comments: No bounce, cutting losses, bad executions on my part

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FalquezMoises Feb 10, 11:30 PM

I think lately, we have seen these morning dip buys working little later, the panic is taking a little longer to happen. Thank you Tim

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Windwalzer Feb 09, 4:59 PM

AEMD was/is halted on Trading Suspension on 7 Feb. Opening my STT chart and following your moves and watching then practicing looking at the 3m 1d/15d 1d chart then the specific day, the entries and exits of the top traders, is helping me feel more comfortable and pliable with the tools that we have on the charts, plus getting used to what to look for depending which time and length you want to look at. Thank you for your time and teaching. I feel I can keep up better each time.

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alfalien Feb 04, 3:39 AM

whats the link to the page with the coronavirus stats

ed_talma Feb 04, 1:07 PM

As always Tim, excellent realistic training. That is a key rule.... I will look for reasons not to trade. Apply the SSS to each trade.

Drogomirdrogon Feb 04, 7:07 PM

Thanks for the webinar Tim. There is a remedy u can use to reduce getting sick . While on planes you are in a closed environment with all the airborne viruses from everyone is just floating around. You carry a small jar of vaseline in your carryon bag. Just before you fly, using clean hands u coat the inside of your nostrils with a film of vaseline and instead of breathing in these airborne viruses they get trapped in the vaseline lining in your nose. Give it a try.

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Androo Feb 03, 3:10 PM

Thank you Mark, very cool!

arturonavarro Feb 03, 6:26 PM

Thanks Mark, just joined the challenge...

Windwalzer Feb 04, 1:33 AM

This is good to see and hear. Frustration goes with any learning/new/experiences in any field. Wanting this to work is probably going to be very frustrating and make me take bad trades or become undisciplined and it's good to know that it is possible to come back to your senses as a trader. Thank you so much for being real and giving good information about being a good trader. Good luck.

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