littlemoneyOct 14, 14 5:42 PM

Tim, Thank you for another great video lesson.So looking forward to watching Below deck..I'm sure its going to be quite comical..I thank you for your mentor ship..

DrinkmanOct 14, 14 5:44 PM

I feel your pain Tim, excellent video thank you.

PeeOnOct 14, 14 5:58 PM

Short average $9.25. Covered @ $7.45. Chalupa CA-CHING!

tradeDawgOct 14, 14 9:15 PM

Love the lessons, Thanks

casparadoOct 14, 14 11:08 PM

Trading in CA is rough. I had to work until midnight last night, so getting up at 4am was impossible, and I missed all today's moves.... Missed opportunities happen, but I am confident it will happen again in the future, so I keep studying. Thanks Tim for introducing me to the market.

PeeOnOct 14, 14 11:43 PM

@casparado I'm in the same boat, being in Kommyfornia. The market doesn't open 'til 0630 hours, which is still about 2-3 hours to early for my pansy ass. Instead of trying to force myself awake, drinking 3 gallons of coffee and still making stupid mistakes, I automated my trading with sell/trigger orders, including protecting myself with stop/cover orders. When I do clock in @ around 9am or so, all is in order and ready to go. I'm making much less careless mistakes now. FYI.

JimmysBroProOct 15, 14 11:57 AM

Started July 23rd(2014), I have finally made it all the way to the end and watched all of your videos. I had questions along the way but most of them were answered as I watched more and more of your videos. I'm now going to go sign up for Superman Pro and watch all of his Videos as well. Keep up the good work and keep posting Videos b/c I'll be watching. I'll be getting into the market with $100k this month so I will make sure to tweet you how it all goes. EVERYONE SHOULD START FROM VIDEO #1!

TradingAugurOct 17, 14 4:05 AM

just amazing how these patterns just keep coming back!!!

alSHOE19Oct 19, 14 3:26 PM

great learning opportunities on all of these plays.... if I have learned anything we will see stocks like this again!.... great to know for once I get in the game.... SIMH absolutely crazy....

Chicago777Nov 24, 15 11:17 AM

Good lesson Millionaires work Harder than Everyone else you can tell you were tired But that did not stop you from sharing good quality info showing how these bread and butter patterns have such good r/r that even after taking profits you could still have left some shares to ride the remainder of the pattern since your trading good r/r, But we have learned that Taking profits along the way and not getting greedy is what grows your account under the 5 rules of trading success (y)

Chicago777Nov 24, 15 11:18 AM

Also cutting Losses quickly

MachinistradesJul 19, 16 11:58 PM

same old pattern over and over and over again.. great video

urboApr 28, 17 5:18 PM

1st red day baby

STickerAug 22, 17 12:01 PM

shorting the midday bounce can also be profitable if a stock went down big! if you can lock in profits, you take it! even if you partial ones!

Conner_TaMaderSep 17, 17 1:11 PM

Ebola stocks coming down hard now, following the exact same hot sector chart pattern. Now watching for a #5 dip buy.

mbsdadJan 30, 18 9:41 AM

watched and learning.

tyree7Feb 27, 18 9:43 PM

Swell Info

thomasfronteraJun 13, 18 5:54 PM

Lessons: 2144 - 2146 (10/14/14) shorting $LAKE making 13K, great lessons,thanks Tim. I have now watched 1-2146 and counting, highly recommend to all students as they have significantly impacted my knowledge base secondary to Trading fundamentals. Thank you, Tim.

Lastshort32Jan 28, 19 12:15 AM

Short rhat mid day bounce with convition knowing that it is hoghly probable for it to go back down. with a goodd risk reward

mynbtsaMar 14, 19 2:59 AM

great lesson , thanks Tim

MiaPlateauMay 03, 19 3:51 PM

• Framework #5 • Stock drops once SSR is lifted, if discovered and worthwhile short it to profit.

axlkMay 21, 19 5:40 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Jul 10, 19 5:24 AM

Video watched. Thanks Tim.

TrentUglowSep 28, 19 6:30 PM

Thanks Tim awesome video!

Stussyman123Mar 20, 21 6:13 AM

Thankyou Tim for great lesson!

didixiuJul 31, 21 11:47 PM

Thank you Tim.

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