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Conner_TaMader Feb 15, 18 8:55 AM

How do you find these stocks that are near their breakout levels? I like how you trade the strategy but don't know how to scan for these stocks that move out of consolidation points. Any tips? Thanks!

Turbobob Feb 15, 18 10:20 AM

Follow me on twitter @turbobob129 and ask me there.

tvaughn Feb 16, 18 9:31 AM

Beautiful call of CARB Bob, I should not have missed it. I'm going to sign up for your chatroom hopefully next week, have appreciated your videos and watch lists for several months in the Tim Challenge, time to get in there with you and your group now too. Thanks for all you do.

Turbobob Feb 16, 18 9:36 AM

Thanks. See my twitter post on ROKU this morning as well @turbobob129

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Conner_TaMader Jan 25, 18 10:25 PM

Awesome Bob! Thank you so much for the help!

Conner_TaMader Jan 25, 18 10:39 PM

Do you have a specific place to find the 100 day average?

Turbobob Jan 25, 18 10:49 PM

Most financial sites normally calculate the short interest ratio. If not, just use the average volume shown on a site like yahoo finance or finviz

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