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Aromo Feb 18, 16 2:08 PM

this is so cool!

Palmer Feb 18, 16 2:35 PM

I got more!...but need a breather...stay tuned... ;)

alanger Aug 18, 16 4:38 AM

Thanks for all this information. Finally feels like I have a little bit direction. :-))

Sergious Dec 05, 16 6:13 AM

Wont these scanners pick up on stocks too late? Lets say a stocks volume yesterday was 2 million, by the time this scanner picks it up, the volume has to be over 2 million. In 2 million of volume, a lot of stuff can happen especially all the big spikes right at open. This may work for end of day only, right?

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jphotline Nov 25, 15 10:22 PM

New trader here and thanks for expressing and sharing your exp so far with trading. I love how you're still not quitting on this day trading gig! Love the community so far in this. I'll def check out your videos and your adventure to success!

AndyVolk Dec 25, 15 11:12 PM

Hey man. I really appreciate the honesty in this post. I'm also a new trader and it has been pretty tough for me to make gains as well. I also started out as a TimSykes silver subscriber. I watched a few of his videos, and I subscribed to his chat room for 2 months. I found it hard to get good entries into a lot of the stocks posted in the chat room, because, by the time the plays were posted, those stocks were already spiking. So doing your own DD is crucial for success,or you'll end up being a

AndyVolk Dec 25, 15 11:16 PM

..bag holder for traders who got in early. I'm not knocking Tim's services, though. He does a great job laying down the foundation for beginners, and he stresses on us to adhere to very important trading principles (cutting losses early, etc). Still, there are many other helpful resources you can use: investorshub,, investorsunderground, etc.

AirplaneJane Apr 04, 16 10:09 PM

Don't get discouraged. I was down $6K and took the time to study and paper trade. Find a strategy that worked and then it all clicked. Keep plugging away and it will get better.

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