@rawb1091 just created a Lookback video

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grababeer Sep 17, 14 3:21 PM

How do you create this? I like it!

rawb1091 Sep 17, 14 3:24 PM

I received an email from Tim Sykes. He just posted one, and it said how to make your own. I believe it's profitly.com/lookback

timothysykes Sep 17, 14 3:27 PM

We'll explain shortly, have a few more features to add to this first :)

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@rawb1091 Hey matey, just wondering how much you began trading with? And were you trading before you began tracking your trades via January 1st? Thanks

rawb1091 Jun 29, 14 7:01 AM

Hey Den. I started trading again July 24th of 2013 and I started out with about 30k spread over three accounts.

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@rawb1091 How are you.Im new trading, In what order to buy penny stock, limir order or market order?

rawb1091 Jun 11, 14 3:55 PM

I usually buy with limit orders because I know exactly what I'm paying. A lot of times the market orders will charge you higher amounts than the current ask if the stock is moving significantly.

saulbarra Jun 11, 14 4:21 PM

excellent explanation, thanks Robert

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@rawb1091, Thought I'd follow a few peeps on this site. I'm just beginning and only trading virtually while I learn the ropes. I use the app Stock Wars and Penny Stocks 1000 on Market Watch. Having a good first day of virtual trading!

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I will start posting all my trades here. Everything that is posted is from January 1, 2014 and forward.

radgreen Apr 16, 14 2:26 PM

hi..just asking..you have very simple trading breakout..but how do you scan picks?

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