@mikehavrilla Mike, i roomed with a Bob Havrilla in Sacramento, CA long ago. He would be about 65 today. Are kin??

mikehavrilla Mar 23, 18 4:15 PM

No relatives out that way I'm aware of, but it's not a very common last name so may be distantly related

Yogicad Nov 27, 19 6:22 PM

I want to join Mike Havarilla but I am not offered an option to join?

italTRADER Oct 03, 20 5:09 AM

Hi Mike, I'm trying to locate your newsletter subscription. Please email some details at torontofurnishedunits@gmail.com. Thanks!

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@mikehavrilla Hey amn, just became a Challenge Student. Going through the DVDs and finding your presentation from Vegas 2010. Amazing stuff. Is there any promo code for Challenge Students currently? Thanks....

mikehavrilla May 19, 17 8:12 AM

check with Tim, he manages the promo offers

KionaiR May 19, 17 10:12 AM

Thx man...as I said awesome job

KionaiR May 19, 17 10:14 AM

Since you here, what do you make of $CYTR going into ASCO? I feel it fits into your strategy

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