@mikehavrilla Mike, i roomed with a Bob Havrilla in Sacramento, CA long ago. He would be about 65 today. Are kin??

mikehavrilla Mar 23, 18 4:15 PM

No relatives out that way I'm aware of, but it's not a very common last name so may be distantly related

Yogicad Nov 27, 19 6:22 PM

I want to join Mike Havarilla but I am not offered an option to join?

italTRADER Oct 03, 20 5:09 AM

Hi Mike, I'm trying to locate your newsletter subscription. Please email some details at torontofurnishedunits@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Turbobob Jan 17, 18 7:43 AM

I am accumulating on this pull back. $11.50 stop. Watching for entry points each day.

Turbobob Jan 17, 18 7:44 AM

STocks from watch list get alerted and I keep them for 3 to 6 months

Jacko23 Jan 17, 18 7:50 AM

@Turbobob regarding $MARK how do you base your risk at 11.50? Is it a previous resistance/new support level?

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papajohn Jan 17, 18 6:46 PM

@huperauxano the R-value is just the ratio of my average win to my average loss. I’m not ready to talk about the Kelly percent yet, I don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path there.

unterron Jan 22, 18 10:44 PM

Did you make you make that spreadsheet?

papajohn Jan 22, 18 11:20 PM

@unterron yes I made my spreadsheets I use for analyzing my plays.

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jflash Jan 14, 18 7:22 PM

Thanks Bob for your watchlists. I think i get how to trade more or less. But i dont get how anyone can watch 300 stocks. Do you have a 10 monitor with all tickers with charts. If not charts what do you watch for to alert you to dig deeper for potential trades?? Maybe you can direct me to a webinar or such. I am a challange student.

Turbobob Jan 14, 18 11:17 PM

I don't watch them, I just have them alerted. When the alert goes off, I look at the chart and either get ready to trade or reset the alert. Every week or so I go through them and eliminate failed charts.

jflash Jan 15, 18 12:39 AM

Well for the first time that makes since. Superman for example sends me a watch list of over 30 stocks. I was so frustrated trying to figure out how anyone watches so many. Thnx for taking for time to explain. Now when you have some time, can you go through your research how to find those tickers to put on that list every day. and congrats on your stats - 68.7% W/L is steller for sure.

Turbobob Jan 15, 18 8:50 AM

The stocks on my watchlist are generally large % gainers or stocks hitting news highs that day. (So I write about them that night for the next day's watch list).

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