$1,650 profit MARK Long Stock

Entry comments: STT Breaking News tweet from MARK and Intel https://tim.ly/35wqjpc former runner, goal is to sell in the 1.30s or 1.40s, could be quick as this tweet gets out

Exit comments: Spiking more and all chatrooms now sharing this tweet since this was a big summer runner, but als has big sellers so I'm playing safe and taking small gains safely

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Holdmytexan Oct 23, 20 3:27 PM

I watched it but didn't really feel like it would do much with the bagholders. Nice trade though boss!

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$540 profit MARK Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this former runner on premarket news of a school contract https://tim.ly/30LtKaF could be the beginning of many school contracts, worth a shot given how much this has run in the past and how well GAXY, the other school reopening play is gapping up, goal is to make 7-15%, should be interesting near the market ope if this can spike hence my premarket buy

Exit comments: Got a little spike but nothing major so I'll take small gains, congrats to all overnight GAXY longs, that's a beautiful 20%+ gain

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EVO Aug 10, 20 9:22 AM

Let's see how this goes :^)

Windwalzer Aug 10, 20 8:57 PM

I can't wait till I'm over the PDT so I can play dips. I will be studying them until that time. Thank you for so much to learn from.

RChen Aug 11, 20 1:29 AM

Thank you.

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02/08/20- My 3 stock Watchlist while learning how to use STT efficiently using the scans and news coverage provided. CRVS - Looking for this trade to break its close, will watch for any more news. EVLO - looking for a breakout above the last close and hopefully I will catch it before in gets to high 5.00+ again. $ORBC - Although this stock has dropped however looking at the risk to reward ratio if this hits a spike it could be a nice little profit. BONUS 1 - $MARK - This stock has been reaching some nice high's hopefully when the market opens tomorrow I will trade with paper trading just to get a feel of real time trading before risking real money.

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Lessons from my NKLA trade just now: https://tim.ly/39mXNrD absolutely terrible price action due to it being on the other side of blatant pumping a few weeks ago, retweet that if you understand how hot pumps can become absolute disasters when the promotion ends and dilution begins like with IDEX $GNUS $MARK too

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