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CovaEspa1 Mar 31, 11:06 PM

Thanks Tim and Jack. I appreciate for taking care of me as a forever student. Awesome presentation. See you Monday.

Bloodhound Apr 02, 10:57 PM

Very informative webinar! Thanks to Tim & Jack.

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$882 profit FNMA Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this recent multiday runner on big panic, CLASSIC pattern here, I doo better on these than holding for several days, goal is 5-10% bounce

Exit comments: Locking in the safe single as it could panic more still given how much its up...or more likely go sideways which will bore me even more. This was one of the easiest trades of my life and this is why the pattern rules supreme...wish I got bigger size, but I'm watching too many plays Same pattern as GOEV today too, dip buys for the win, so much easier than annoying stocks like FRSX

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