Great video on the student spotlight @Jackaroo Thanks for sharing! How are you scanning for plays like $ALYI and $FNMA ? How do you find plays that are consolidating in the channel before the breakout like that?

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Jackaroo Mar 26, 8:38 AM

Thanks! & keeping former runners on watch that prove they'll not breakdown.

calebbarry Apr 10, 1:26 PM

hey jack, im 19 and I've been studying Sykes and penny stocks for a year and a half know I just finished listening to your podcast from Beyond The PDT, is there any advise you could give me or advise you would of given yourself 1 year ago?

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MiaPlateau Mar 29, 12:57 AM

• FNMA – Dip Buy, Breakout • Recommend Buying Dip Buys in the 1st and last hour of market for safety concerns.

Mjason May 01, 11:33 AM

good lesson, Thanks Tim! study on days I trade, study more on days I do not trade.....

herman11 May 13, 11:35 AM

thank you tim im studying everyday !

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Flockstock Jan 19, 12:55 PM

Trade analysis, high volume, news. You must analyze everything, gap up, don't short float rotation... risk/reward, calculated risk, offerings, dilution, reverse splits, don't overnight with financing risk

Emanuel85 Jan 19, 3:30 PM

great webinar as always.thanks a lot Tim!

tai4two Jan 20, 3:34 PM

Thanks for the review

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