WOW $MSFT getting crushed on this Mr. Altman’s departure follows a deliberative review process by the board, which concluded that he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities. The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI.

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Mark that last $MSFT trade was fantastic. Especially the fact that it was a call during a mostly bear market. How did you know that the market would correct specifically when it did? It would be great if you did a video on it.

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Excited to be on Profit.ly. Overall, my trading skill is really bad. Two weeks in I feel that I am learning a lot from the first five DVDs, read Tim's book and FINALLY starting to attend Webinars. Short term goals is to finish through the DVDs, watch some webinars, and continue to learn "Patterns" Then: "rinse and repeat", YIKES! I have invested in (my current open trades) $AAPL, $NVDA, $BABA, TECHY, $MSFT and JD as investments. Very happy with them. My burning Q is do I sell off my positions in a few months to trade, ...only when I understand the homework. I guess those answers will present themselves in time. Also need to close 10 other bad open plays , grrr!!! Decisions! Decisions! LOL!

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I am a PennyStocking Silver member!! O.K. so more about myself. I have been studying about 5 years, I have been doing some trading on my own. I also, have been discovering technics on my own. I have won more on bluechip stocks than pennystocks. Overall I am probably down $350. I have made other comments about my past losers and winners. To get fully upto speed-I have won on $AMD in at $11.40 out at $12.98 with 52 shares a gain of $62.45. I loss at APTO in at $1.32 and out at $1.13 on 496 shares a loss of $94.24 $MSFT is such a small winner at $1.06 $RIGL was a big losser for me I had this one long term, in at $3.54 and sold at $2.74 with a loss of $50.37 4.4.17 I was not comfortable going to big today, so I already had one on my watchlist... ZENO in at $1.47 out at $1.67 with 482 shares with a gain of $82.48 I am currently holding SHOP, SNAP and BSGM

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