huperauxano Nov 18, 23 3:03 PM

I put money into my trading account as 'market tuition'. It keeps account whole even if I lose some of it each month while trying to master the game. Feels better mentally than a 'blow up' all of it than reload. FWIW

huperauxano Nov 18, 23 3:03 PM

Put in a fixed amount each month as 'market tuition'

Kekoa777Trader Nov 18, 23 4:12 PM

I need to do that. Using current income to smash debt while I learn the market, but allocating a fixed amount each month will help it build up over time.

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TradeSmall Jan 20, 18 3:17 PM

When entering a trade, it helps to have a stop loss price pre determined just in case things don't go my way.

huperauxano Jan 23, 18 12:41 AM

You are right - reacting to price action is better than trying to meet your expectations about a trade.

dmatin Jan 23, 18 7:19 PM

MYSZ failed morning spike got me too, and I didn't even chase but got an excellent entry. There are times where you should be patient and there are times where you shouldn't.

ScottSweet Jan 28, 18 9:16 PM

thanks for the replies, good info!

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Craigtradesthis Feb 10, 18 9:18 AM

that allow me to make a few grand without risking over a grand.....and I'm trading for a living so its hard to just say "wait for the good plays" and "don't trade everyday".

maherc12 May 17, 18 4:02 PM

I have found that trading only the stocks with big volume and volitility is best. When the bollanger bands go vertical, big volume comes in and price is pushing above the 9 EMA, trading is fun. Good book- The Trading Book by Anne-Marie Baiynd a pro tading coach. I have been struggling with poor entries, so I am playing only the best setups.

EmilyMorris Jan 28, 22 3:25 PM

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papajohn Jan 17, 18 6:46 PM

@huperauxano the R-value is just the ratio of my average win to my average loss. I’m not ready to talk about the Kelly percent yet, I don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path there.

unterron Jan 22, 18 10:44 PM

Did you make you make that spreadsheet?

papajohn Jan 22, 18 11:20 PM

@unterron yes I made my spreadsheets I use for analyzing my plays.

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timothysykes Jan 12, 18 10:43 PM

See for coupons and the alerts are realtime reminders of my favorite patterns, good for education, but my top students see/trade before me as these stocks move FAST

huperauxano Jan 23, 18 12:59 AM

Tim's alerts are not actionable, meaning you shouldn't trade them just because he alerted them. Use them to learn why he is going into trades. Look at the chart where he enters to determine why that was a good entry. Get - it includes Alerts and video library. I am still learning but have gotten better at trading over the past year watching boatloads of daily videos.

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huperauxano Dec 24, 17 10:58 PM

Awesome job - what was your one pattern that clicked? Dip buy? Bounce short? Thx

papajohn Dec 25, 17 8:35 AM

The setup I’m playing is multi day breakouts.

joshkhanimov Dec 26, 17 8:32 PM

can you tell me how you scan for these multi day breakouts can't seem to find any

papajohn Dec 27, 17 9:02 PM

I just scan for biggest percent gainers. Then look at the daily chart and see if anything is setting up.

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