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Noble1222 Feb 25, 18 2:28 PM

the only item i see here that you may consider is a larger drop then the 10-15% you stated. i have only done a few ofthese but i look for a run-up over many days of 50%, 100% or more. then when it comes down i look for 30% down, 50% down. so when it bounces I get a good reward.

andreffael Feb 25, 18 3:54 PM

@Noble1222 I say 10/15% as a very minimum before even starting to consider buying, but normally 20/30% crashes happen before the dip and Ill wait

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RichieRichW May 13, 8:19 PM

way up into the .40's then crashed down into the single digits in about 10 minutes. I was new to penny stocks and had never seen anything like that happen before. But I was sure it was going to come back because it was there once already and why wouldn't go back there again. All the news was really good and there were positive PR's coming out all over the place. I was dollar cost averaging on the way down thinking that with more shares I would make my money back faster, which actually just made

RichieRichW May 13, 8:20 PM

it all the worse. I held the whole time and the stock never came back. I lost over $25,000 all on HOPE and inexperience! The pump and dump, (the what?), was really on and the promoters did their jobs very well. Like I said, I was knew to the pennies and never heard of a "Pump and Dump". Well, I knew what a pump and dump was after that! Anyway, that's how I lost my virginity.

RichieRichW May 13, 8:23 PM

By the way, thanks for the memories and the great story.

Jackaroo May 13, 8:24 PM

@RichieRichW what a story... sorry to hear man. It really all comes down to cut losses quickly! Add to winners, NEVER losers, and never hold and hope.

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Jacob_925 Jan 24, 18 10:23 PM

@joshkhanimov biggest percent gainers volume 500000 trades 500 price between .02 and 10

joshkhanimov Jan 24, 18 10:30 PM

thanks a lot and what kind of website or software you use to scan all this

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TheFirstLadyOfTea Jan 21, 18 8:16 PM

I think you are doing just fine...maybe a bit earlier to test other setups?...Your current monthly profits are very impressive. Even if you stay with this setup for few months, your account would be much bigger....Once you reach something like 70K or 100k, you will have much more room for trial & errors...Don't know how long the bull market will last...seems 2018 is still bullish...or hope so...keep it coming!!!!

papajohn Jan 21, 18 8:22 PM

Thanks. I will definitely keep doing what's been working, I just see a lot of other opportunities for big profits and would like to start taking advantage of some of those.

joshkhanimov Jan 23, 18 7:07 PM

@papajohn can i ask what scanner you use or software to track otc multi day breakouts. i can seem to find anything to track otc

papajohn Jan 23, 18 7:16 PM

I use StocksToTrade

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huperauxano Dec 24, 17 11:58 PM

Awesome job - what was your one pattern that clicked? Dip buy? Bounce short? Thx

papajohn Dec 25, 17 9:35 AM

The setup I’m playing is multi day breakouts.

joshkhanimov Dec 26, 17 9:32 PM

can you tell me how you scan for these multi day breakouts can't seem to find any

papajohn Dec 27, 17 10:02 PM

I just scan for biggest percent gainers. Then look at the daily chart and see if anything is setting up.

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joshkhanimov Nov 07, 17 7:32 PM

myo is an earnings winner i wouldn't suggest shorting

KAZ Nov 08, 17 4:53 AM

oh ok, than you i'll be careful but if it really gets overextended also earnings winner will have a correction in price.

KAZ Nov 08, 17 5:47 PM

@joshkhanimov turned out MYO would have been a great short ;). nice morning spike towards r/g and then faded all day long, even though its an earnings winner. my plan was in the watchlist to short into morning spike. exactly what happened and exactly what would have succeeded :)

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diego155 Nov 07, 17 7:31 PM

might not be a good idea considering today is its first red day (momentum snap) and because its up on sector hype or nothing, I personally wouldn't risk it

joshkhanimov Nov 07, 17 7:36 PM

its up on nothing on the backs of dcix so whatever dcix does tops follows look at the charts pretty similar they will eventually come down by end of week

SFKrystal Nov 08, 17 2:09 PM

Sad day for newbies, market tuition. You'll get it back when you learn how they work. Cut losses, stay liquid, move on.

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