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asfricksrs Nov 10, 17 4:47 PM

It is a journey that will yield results if we do due

Noble1222 Nov 12, 17 10:00 AM

let's not forget many of the guru's took 9 plus months to get consistent. and many of them had some bog losses even after they were consistent. we don't have to study 17 hrs a day or ever make 100k per year. my life will be dramatically improved if i make 1k to 2 k permonth and even if it takes 2 yrs to get there it can work. just don't run out of money and don't quit.

huperauxano Nov 15, 17 6:20 PM

After looking at your trades, maybe you could size down to 100 shares. You may be trading too big a position size relative to your experience. While studying is valuable, so is trading and so is learning from losses on real trades. Just do it small and get better THEN size up as your confidence and experience grows. Good luck!

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