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slapattack Aug 15, 17 11:14 PM

I did the same thing. Bought into BTCS yesterday after watching it run up all damn morning. I knew that I shouldn't have chased and did it anyways. Of course I bough in right at the top and it started dropping. Lost $250 in a couple minutes. Nice learning experience though. Keep it up and move on. Congratulations on closing on the house!

bgud Aug 16, 17 12:26 AM

Won't make it very far beating yourself up. Forgive and move on. It's one of 1000s of trades in your life

DeLaNooch Aug 30, 17 4:21 PM

thanks everyone.... i have been having a tough couple weeks but Im not quitting even though it feels like the world is ending at times... im in it for the long run. Thanks again for the supprot

DeLaNooch Aug 30, 17 4:23 PM

now i just have to learn how to spell lol

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psk2329 Aug 10, 17 4:52 PM

keep at it. I'm 9 months in and still make mistakes. Starting to figure things out but having a great play on resistance, support, making calculated entries helps cut down fomo. Read a book on Candlestick charts, it will help.

Scott_nowrealtrader Aug 10, 17 7:50 PM

Gonna steal a quote i heard and adjust it a little bit "Trades are like buses there is always another one coming, you just have to be ready and you need to be studied up"

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Chopper_Trader Aug 06, 17 11:01 PM

Now I'm confused, MIN7 posted this watchlist, but you are answering for him LOL and your answers are on point. who's pick was this ?

Clean_Supreme Aug 06, 17 11:01 PM

His pick! I just have done a lot off DD on this ticker. and traded it in the past few weeks

Chopper_Trader Aug 06, 17 11:04 PM

Oh Ok. I'm liking it as a trade, but when I saw the 10-Q/A I would not hold overnight.I put it on my watchlist to check it out. Thank you for all your info. I've watched to many hours of Tim's lessons today my brain is shot.

Chopper_Trader Aug 07, 17 3:13 AM

WoW great Job Tim has this stock on his watchlist, Awesome.

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Jonk87 Aug 08, 17 11:31 AM

@mashcapital YES!

DNextJr Aug 11, 17 1:48 PM

LMFAO, I love you man. This freaking video just made my day you are so fucking right!!! HAHAHA. Keep it real man, you have another subscriber! As one Millionaire to another, see you soon!! Oh Love Your Wall!!!! Great Way To Learn Patterns!! Thank You!

Jonk87 Aug 12, 17 7:30 AM

@DNextJr haha thanks so much really appreciate the feedback :-)

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bmanrocks12 Aug 05, 17 6:58 AM

Thank you all for your support

Klais Apr 19, 22 8:33 PM

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RichardKnox Nov 20, 22 3:33 AM

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