@xnan91 Hey how are you! I have a question. When you first register for Robinhood when it asked you about "Number 1 amount and Number 2 amount, how did you type it? Cause they charged me $1.57 and $1.33 on my bank account and I typed 57 and 33 in cents and it said that there was an error I just want to ask you to see how you wrote it

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My last two losing trades were a result of using Robinhood for overnight positions. The extended hours allowed by Robinhood are significantly tighter than E*TRADE. Being out of day trades, I held two separate overnight positions that appeared to have a possible spike in the market open. Gains were achieved at market close and after hours, although during Premarket on both of these, I was forced to watch my Profits deplete and take a slight loss before being able to sell early enough. Most of my trades will be on E*TRADE from here on out including ALL overnight positions that I take. Robinhood will only remain open for additional Day Trades until both accounts are >$25k combined. At which point they will be combined in E*TRADE and Robinhood will be closed. Paper Profits of $1400 were not obtained due to this. But we learn and we fix the flaw. Tomorrow is a new day, a new trade.

Roryg777 Jul 20, 17 2:03 PM

Robin hood was down for 2hrs today. Couldn't trade but or sell could not even cancel a fricken sell order. What a nightmare U need to wake up lol

Roryg777 Jul 20, 17 2:04 PM

I need to wake up.

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I just started trading recently with Robinhood and I was wondering which broker did you open up with for a small account?

Nighthawk6058 Jul 09, 17 8:01 PM

Logic? Robinhood has terrible execution speeds, or it doesn't execute the order at all even when your price target is hit. When it doesn’t execute and you decide to do it yourself, you have to cancel the original order in which it often gives you errors that it can’t do it and to check back later. Even when you spend the ten dollars a month for the gold feature, the extended hours they are giving to you are still not a wide as ALL E*TRADE accounts give you included. you cannot short sell, you ar

RolandWolf Jul 10, 17 2:04 AM

@wbryant If it weren't for your totally awesome profile picture, your comment may have irked me a little bit! lol

Roryg777 Jul 20, 17 2:07 PM

Firsttrade only 4.95 a trade no min deposit required.

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