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AndrewRaleigh Jul 11, 17 10:10 PM

Thanks for the Karma.....Just Followed you to track your progress. We are starting at the same in general time. This will be fun....Good Luck Tomorrow!

Kingstonstock85 Jul 12, 17 5:58 AM

Review how to make millions by Tim Sykes and Trade the Ticker by Tim Grittani. But your USD 500 will not cover that. What I do is review the risk levels on every trade. The lower the price, the higher the risk (or you need quick fingers). Nasdaq stocks move very fast!

Kingstonstock85 Jul 12, 17 5:59 AM

Thus the lower positions I take. Because I notice that 4 dollar stocks are easier to manage (at break out / opening of the market) then 0.80 dollar stocks.

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jtread0655 Jun 26, 17 8:24 PM

I have a robinhood account and the only geniune downside i see to it is that you cannot short on Robinhood. Also, you may not have access to every stock being traded (as far as i can tell you can't trade OTC stocks and some foreign market stocks). outside of that, it's incredibly streamlined and simple. you might get hurt by 1% or two when you buy or sell, as it puts your sale in at whatever the stock price is that second. I have the exact same issue with my etrade account with the waiting 3 day

Nathan_casey Jun 26, 17 8:44 PM

@jtread0655 Yeah the cash and sweep vehicle is what's literally killing my trading right now. So hard to focus and make good trades when I know if this trade doesn't work out I have to wait a week to trade again.

jtread0655 Jun 26, 17 9:10 PM

@Nathan_casey i've only had E-Trade for like two weeks so it's killing me as well. and it's why i'll make maybe $20 on my DCTH trade tomorrow instead of $200. but hey, I'm here to learn, so I'll be adjusting my strategy to fit the tools I have. Even if it means only trading 2x on E-Trade a week.

AZbaer Jun 26, 17 11:48 PM

I have used it off and on, only one time there seemed to be an issue connecting but no real issues. I think it takes $100 dollars to open. as other have said you can not short sell. If you have the capital i would go with a broker buy enough shares to off set the commissions.

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