Miah Mar 15, 18 12:00 AM

Good Luck, be sure to keep studying so you can grow your account. The more you study, the better trades you'll make from what you learn.

mickd Mar 15, 18 3:52 AM

You should give paper trading a go. DAS platform offers free 14 days trial with level 2 and real time for nasdaq stocks during trial with I think $40000 buying power. You can google DAS free trial and it'll take you to the download.

kobayashimaru Mar 15, 18 4:22 AM

Best of Luck to you on your new journey, its starts out as a rough ride but as you learn it'll smooth out

DebbieKKnight Mar 15, 18 8:42 AM

thanks everyone and I will look in to DAS thank you

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