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Mbarger157 Jun 02, 17 4:42 PM

You called it! Holy crap.... I had to leave for the day, came back, and it TOOK OFF!!

Mbarger157 Jun 02, 17 4:53 PM

I was actually thinking you were talking about BTSC but BUDZ took off too!

10th_Wonder Jun 02, 17 6:33 PM

Guys, if you are interested in longing a stock in this sector. I recommend you look at $PNTV. You will thank me next year for your new Tesla model S lol

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oneatatime Feb 08, 16 4:15 PM

Hey $UNIS $exxi $amkr hey can u tell me at any point was good buy today? Thanks

Allanon32 Feb 08, 16 4:48 PM

I dropped AMKR due to weak SEC filings. I have 4000 shares of UNIS at. 85 cents over night. They release earnings statement tomorrow after the close. I'll be waiting to see if it loads up in volume in anticipation.

Allanon32 Feb 09, 16 4:01 PM

Not really, I got 9 cent a share with 4000 shares. I was hoping it would jump to the $1.00 do I could short it and ride it back down. But it's at the end of its movement. I'm watching CDE or have been watching CDE and it just had it's first red day after 3 green days. Also ZNGA, it's hitting new lows and is going to have a poor earnings report tomorrow.

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ERN Feb 03, 16 2:58 PM

what originally brought UWTI to your watchlist?

Kixxy Feb 03, 16 3:11 PM

Great catch.. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to keep learning. First week in.

PWNwallstreet Feb 03, 16 3:34 PM

ERN - The more you trade.. The smaller the stock world becomes. You come across it because its normal and you investigate. However OIL is moving right now and is current with OPEC deals. Russia, Saudis etc.

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[TimAlerts] $MDBX, strong support at .02, keeping a eye on this low float. Has ran big in the past. Also another fraud penny stock

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